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TIMI SANGAI Lyrics in English by Apurva Tamang: The song “Timi Sangai” is a fresh release from the singer-songwriter based in Mirik, Darjeeling, Apurva Tamang. Timi Sangai was released on 25th November 2022 (Friday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel. The song is written, composed, and performed by the artist Apurva Tamang himself. Whereas, it is produced, mixed, and mastered by Manish Gurung. And is recorded at Anxiety Records.

Apurva, the young star from the hills of Darjeeling, entered the entertainment industry in 2009 after being well-known for his singing in ZeeTv’s show Sa Ra Ga Ma PaLil Champs. He has even been a part of Indian Idol Junior in the year 2013 and likewise Indian Idol Senior in the year 2018. Apurva is currently pursuing a master’s degree in music and received his voice instruction in Hindustani Classical Style from Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad.

Previously on 25th June 2022, Apurva Tamang released his song Bhawana (भावना) in collaboration with TWK. And as of writing this on November 2022, Bhawana has more than 3.5 million plus views on YouTube alone.

Song: Timi Sangai (तिमी सँगै)
Performed, Written, and Composed by: Apurva Tamang
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Manish Gurung
Recorded at: Anxiety Records

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Timi Sangai (तिमी सँगै) by Apurva Tamang

Timi Sangai Lyrics

“Apurva Tamang Lyrics”


Maya aanautho yo kina?
Muskaan mero yo, thamnai sakina
Bhannu ta dherai cha timi lai
Tara kina khai kehi bhannai sakina
Timi lai pani yestai huncha ra?
K malai samjhai timi sapana bunchau ra?

[Tyo sharad, ritu ko paath
Tyo chiso juneli raat
Tyo aastaudai gareko gham
Timi sanga herna paau] x2

Sabda nai pugdaina barnan garna lai
Bhannai nasakeni bujhnu
Pahilo maya nabhaye mero aantim hunu
Sadhai bhari aangali rakhnu

[Tyo sharad, ritu ko paath
Tyo chiso juneli raat
Tyo aastaudai gareko gham
Timi sanga herna paau] x2

Timi sanga herna paau
Sadhai bhari sadhaai!


Apurva Tamang – Timi Sangai (Official Music Video):


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