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AJHAI PANI Lyrics in English by Bartika Eam Rai: The song titled “Ajhai Pani” (अझै पनि) is a new release and the sixth track from the Nepalese artist Bartika Eam Rai‘s new album titled “Aandhii, Ityaadi” (आंधी, इत्यादि). The song along with its official lyrics video by Kathaharu was released on 16th February 2024 (Friday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel.

Aandhii, Ityaadi is the fourth official studio album by Bartika Eam Rai (वर्तिका एम राई). The album consists of 11 songs in total. The other remaining 5 songs from the album Aandhii, Ityaadi (आंधी, इत्यादि) are set to be released one by one through the artist’s YouTube channel every Friday.

Likewise, the full album Aandhii, Ityaadi will be available to download or stream on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music only from March 2024.

Song: Ajhai Pani (अझै पनि)
Album: Aandhii, Ityaadi (आंधी, इत्यादि)
Written, Composed, and Performed by: Bartika Eam Rai
Mastered, Engineered, and Produced by: Diwas Gurung

AJHAI PANI Lyrics in English - Bartika Eam Rai - अझै पनि - वर्तिका एम राई - Aandhii Ityaadi Album - New Nepali Song Lyrics - Diwas Gurung - Kathaharu - DiwasG - GeetKoLyrics - Latest - Music - EP - Track - आंधी, इत्यादि
Ajhai Pani (अझै पनि) by Bartika Eam Rai

Ajhai Pani Lyrics

“Bartika Eam Rai Lyrics”


Ajhai pani timrai baato
Parkhi basey ni sukhai lagcha
Din bhari bautariyera
Timi lai dekhnu nai khusi lagcha

Aakasha ko joon ra tara
Sunna chhadi mahal haru
Besi kura thaha bhayena malai
Timi sangai cinema hernu khushi lagcha

Timi mai sansaar dekhne
Kitaabi maya haru taha bhayena
Timro lagi, mero lagi bhanera
Yuddha suru garne kura chaina

Thakera duniya bata
Aafu mai ekdam kahile harauda
Sangai basi, surr namiley pani
Sangai basi geet gaaunu khushi lagcha

Ajhai pani timrai bato
Parkhi base ni sukhai lagcha
Din bhaari bautariyera
Timilai dekhnu nai khusi lagcha

Akasha ko juun ra taara
Sun chadi mahaal haru
Besi kura thaha bhayena malai
Timi sangai cinema hernu khusi lagcha
Sangai bashi, sur namiley pani
Sangai bashi geet gaunu khusi lagcha!


Bartika Eam Rai – Ajhai Pani [Official Lyrics Video]:


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