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BISWAS Lyrics in English by Diwas Gurung: The song “Biswas” is a new release song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter artist and music producer Diwas Gurung (DiwasG). The song is written, composed, performed, and produced mixed & mastered by the man Diwas G himself. Whereas, the additional drums is played by Anmol Mohra. बिस्वाश (Biswas) was released with a music video directed and edited by Shirish Gurung on 3rd September 2022 (Saturday) through Diwas Gurung‘s official YouTube channel.

Diwas Gurung through his YouTube writes: ‘Biswas’ was something that I wrote pondering about life and the afterlife and the benevolent soul inside us that may guide us through that transition. I was never deeply religious, but I have had my share of spirituality and I felt like it was an interesting perspective to sing about.

However, when it came to the video, I didn’t feel like any of the lyrical images should be portrayed literally, if at all. I trusted whatever Sirish’s interpretation of the song would be. My only request was that it be light hearted, a bit joyous and should definitely have some dancing : )

Needless to say, I was blown away by what Sirish and the super talented cast came up with.

I was especially happy and grateful to have Dipa in the video since musically ‘Biswas’ felt like the sister song to ‘Uchaala’, and she was the lead protagonist in the video for that. I also have to give props to Sujan’s beautiful spirit and openness which makes me smile every time. And I hope you will smile with me as well.

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Biswas (बिस्वाश) by Diwas Gurung

Biswas Lyrics

“Diwas Gurung Lyrics”


Jati paana bhareko thiyau
Hijoko jwala mai jalaideu
Aaja ko dina birsane chainau
Bholi ko ghaau aaunai baki cha

Jata gaye ni hunne chu ma saatha ma
Timi nidaye ma byujhiula
Laau thamideu, aangalideu
Biswaas gara maa ma
Bolauda ni kina bolenau
Biswas gara maa ma

Rekha taana daari faala
Ghara ko kaam chino fano gara
Choto yo jeewana lamo cha safar
Bhrama ko kaam ta ajhai jaari cha

Jata bhaye ni hunne chu ma saatha ma
Timi nidaye ma byujiula
Laau thamideu, aangalideu
Biswas gara maa ma
Bolauda ni kina bolenau
Biswaas gara maa ma

(Biswas gara maa ma) x2


Diwas Gurung – Biswas (Official Music Video)


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