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COTTON CLOUDS Lyrics in English by Phosphenes: Cotton Clouds is the thirteenth track from the band Phosphenes’ newly released album titled Sullen Days. Phosphenes is an Indie band based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The full-length album “Sullen Days” was officially released on the 14th of January 2022. The album has 14 songs in total. Phosphenes, the band believes in connecting through simplicity to their listeners. The album is also available to play or stream on all streaming platforms.

Phosphenes through their YouTube adds: Dear all, we are back with our new song from the album “Sullen Days”. We have released LP Sullen Days this year at all streaming platforms due to the pandemic our plans for the album was on hold. We’re launching our website soon along with Phosphenes merchandising this year. Thank you for your support so far and we hope you will keep supporting us and keep listening. Stay safe

Phosphenes Band Lyrics - Sullen Days, yestai nai hola, well i saw you, eklai huda ta jhan, bombay, Hey, Night, I Got Flowers, fall, lost at sea, are you gonna leave me, river, oh love, cotton clouds
Sullen Days Album by Phosphenes

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“Cotton Clouds Lyrics”

Too far from me,
But close when I see
You are the only one in their minds

Fast I try to move,
Path full of fools
Why you hide behind the clouds
Cotton clouds

Just like a wave that move fast and slow
Sing me a song and let me go
I will give you bittersweet or cold
Fold your love and off you go

I have disinterest in your desires
I am interested in your mind
I’m interested in you

Oh what do I do
Now it’s time to move
Why it’s hard to say the last
The last goodbye!


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