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DAAGBATTI Lyrics in English by Rachana Dahal: The song “Daagbatti” is a popular release from the Nepal-based singer-songwriter, Rachana Dahal. She released her first single “Bhumari” in 2019; since then, there’s been no looking back. Daagbatti was released on 6th November 2020 through Rachana Dahal‘s official YouTube channel. It is written, sung, and performed by the artist herself. Whereas, it is engineered, produced, and mastered by Firoj Bajracharya (Jyoti Records) and the guitar is played by Anikesh Maharjan.

Rachana Dahal through her YouTube writes: When my uncle decided to kill himself, my aunt grieved his death, longing to feel his love again. The feeling of anger at his actions but guilt for not being able to save him, haunted her. It was despairing to see how she felt responsible of his death. Whole of my uncle is gone but he took half of her with him. The void that she feels is still empty till this day. Years has gone by, but the grief comes in waves. There are dark days when it seems as though nothing can ever be right again.

Song: Daagbatti (दागबत्ती)
Written, Composed, and Performed by: Rachana Dahal
Guitar: Anikesh Maharjan
Engineered, Produced, and Mastered by: Firoj Bajracharya (Jyoti Records)

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Daagbatti (दागबत्ती) by Rachana Dahal

Rachana Dahal Lyrics

“Daagbatti Lyrics”


Maathi khuwayera ghush
Firta leraauna paye hunthyo
Nilo timro laasha lai
Rato parna paye hunthyo

Pagal hudai chu ki k ho
Timi sanga maan marey dekhi
Sutchu sahara yi kagaaj ko
Hawa ko dhuwa le

Kalo ranga dekchu seto
Aakasha ma badaal chara jasto
Rukhai ma batti jhilimili
Taarai paata ma jhundiyeko

Pagaal hudai chu ki k ho
Timi sanga maan mare dekhi
Sutchu sahara yi kagaja ko
Haawa ko dhuwa le

Kasko lageko saraap
Bhagya nai abhagi raaicha mero
Timro sarira jalaunu bhanda
Ma nai kharani bhaye hunthyo

Malai taahai bhayena
Kati dukhyo bhanera
Malai taahai diyena
Dinna dinna ganera
Ohh ohh ohhhh

Pagaal hudai chuki k ho
Timi sanga maan mare dekhi
Sutchu sahara yi kagaja ko
Haawa ko dhuwa le!


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