EUTA YATRA Lyrics in English – Dharmendra Sewan Ft. Raj K Goswami

EUTA YATRA (एउटा यात्रा) Lyrics in English by Dharmendra Sewan Ft. Raj K Goswami: The song Euta Yatra (एउटा यात्रा) is a fresh release single track from the Nepalese singer, songwriter, composer and performer artist, Dharmendra Sewan Ft. Raj K Goswami. Euta Yatra was officially released with its music video by S2 Production on 19th August 2023 (Saturday) through Dharmendra Sewan’s official YouTube channel.

Dharmendra Sewan through his YouTube writes: “Euta Yatra” is a song that encapsulates the essence of our human journey. It highlights our unwavering dedication to pursuing our goals, working tirelessly day and night. However, there are times when the results may not meet our expectations, leading us to feel frustrated and stuck. During such moments, it becomes crucial to embrace tranquility and nurture a sense of contentment within ourselves. Taking care of our mental well-being becomes paramount as we navigate the challenges of life. In the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, it is vital to introspect and understand ourselves better, as well as comprehend the intricate nature of existence. It’s essential to acknowledge that progress is not always linear, and setbacks are an inevitable part of our journey. Maintaining a positive outlook becomes instrumental in propelling us forward, as we embrace hope and anticipate gradual improvement over time. Life’s beauty lies in its unpredictability, and our ability to adapt and grow becomes the pathway to a fulfilling existence. It is through these ups and downs, victories and setbacks, that we truly uncover the essence of our human experience and find the strength to keep moving forward on our unique journey.

Song: Euta Yatra (एउटा यात्रा)
Sung, Music, and Lyrics by: Dharmendra Sewan
Music Arranged by: Sanjal B2 Bhandari
Recorded at: Gain Studio

EUTA YATRA Lyrics in English - Dharmendra Sewan Ft. Raj K Goswami - एउटा यात्रा - धर्मेन्द्र सेवान - Sanjal B2 Bhandari - Gain Studio - S2 Production - Sooraz Shrestha - GeetKoLyrics - New Nepali Song - Latest
Euta Yatra (एउटा यात्रा) by Dharmendra Sewan (धर्मेन्द्र सेवान)

Euta Yatra Lyrics

“Dharmendra Sewan Lyrics”


Ma ta niskey euta yatra ma
Jasko nischit kunai gantabya chaina
Ho aaja ma niskey, aafai ma bhulna
Aafai ma raamna, khushi k ho
Dukha k ho, tayar chu jhelna
Tayaar chhu jhelnaa

Ghaama paani sahaney cha
Mero baani yestai rahanecha
Jasto sukai paristhiti hos
Ma swikaarchu, ho aaja malai
Rokney chaina, kunai chij le
Chekney chhaina
Ma ta khulla akash ma
Raamney maanchey
Ma ta yestai yestai ma
Khushi bhetne manchey

Chara haru ko chir-bir sangai geet gauchu
Hawa ka suskera sangaai ma nidauchu
Hataar chaina malai kaahi pugney
Lakshya eutai jeewan khulera jyune
Hataar chaina malai kaahi pugney
Lakshya eutai jeewan khulera jyune

Mah ta niskey euta yatra ma
Jasko nyschit kunai gantbya chhaina!


Dharmendra Sewan Ft. Raj K Goswami – Euta Yatra (एउटा यात्रा) [Official Music Video]:


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