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FAKAULA TIMILAI Lyrics in English by Oasis Thapa: ‘Fakaula Timilai’ is a fresh release song from the young and aspiring singer, songwriter based in Kathmandu, Nepal Oasis Thapa. The song was released through Oasis Thapa’s official YouTube channel on 26th August 2021, which also happens to be his birthday. The song ‘Fakaula Timilai’ is written and performed By Oasis Thapa himself and is produced by Foeseal. The artist, Oasis Thapa is also managed by Garage Entertainment Nepal.

Oasis is a name slowly dwelling in the music industry in Nepal. With a peculiar songwriting style and a voice hard to be forgotten, he has created a place in the playlists of thousands of listeners in a short period of time through some of his popular hits like Juni Vari Lai, Jaani na Jaani and more. Though most of his songs are indie and home-produced, Oasis has set his mark as one of the artists to watch in Nepal.

Oasis Thapa about the song in his YouTube description also writes: Yo geet chai afno priya athawa priyati bata aaswasan maagiraheko cha. Yesko pahilo padh arthan ‘verse’ ma afno significant other le aaswasan maageko huda maile dilaai raheko chu ra dosro padh ma significant other le malai.

Song: Fakaula Timilai
Sung and written by: Oasis Thapa
Produced by: Foeseal
Management: Garage Entertainment Nepal

FAKAULA TIMILAI Lyrics in English - Oasis Thapa, Foeseal, Garage Entertainment
Source: Oasis Thapa / YouTube

Oasis Thapa Lyrics

“Fakaula Timilai Lyrics”

Khai kasari ma
Channu yi sabada haru
Napurai dinne vaye
Mera bhawana timra bhawana cha yuu
Doshi kaslai, kaslai tharaunu vana aafai
Mutu le mutu ko sahara khoji raheko tahabhai

Banauna khoji raheko chu timlai aafno
Timi ni aapanai deu na malai
Hajarau choti rishayera k bho
Timi hajarau geet lekhi fakaula timilai
Fakaula timilai, fakaula timilai, fakaula timilai

Thap thapaune thiyo ra
Namitho nindra le satauda
Jhaskey jhai garcha
Sarir aahar timro napauda
K artha rahyo ra
Maya cha bhani maya lukauda
Artha bihin ko maya tikaunu ni kina tikaunu ra

Banauna khoji raheko thiye timlai aafno
Paraya jasto mahasus garauchau kina
Hajarau choti rishauda ma k
Timi hajarau geet sunai fakaune thiyau ra

Oasis Thapa – Fakaula Timilai (Official Video)

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