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Gahiro Lyrics: ‘Gahiro’ is a song from Monkey Temple Band‘s self-titled album ‘Monkey Temple‘. This song is written and composed by the lead vocalist of the band, Sareen Deoja. Formed in 1998, Monkey Temple came together when the high-schoolers of St. Xavier’s decided to form a band in order to pursue music to meet the interest of Kathmandu’s rapidly changing and growing underground music scenario. With the rise of the music scene in the valley, the band were also able to make an impact on the crowd in the valley ever since their establishment.

Vocals / Back Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Rythm Guitar by: – Sareen Deoja
Band: Monkey Temple Nepal
Drums by: Pratap Risal
Guitar / Solo by: Deepak Moktan and Srijan Bikram Gewali
Bass by: Pratik Baniya

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Monkey Temple Band Lyrics

“Gahiro Lyrics”

Gahiro…nilo tyo sagar jhai
Bishal…atal tyo himal jhai
Mero maya timilai nai
Mero maya timilai nai

Samhalhi rakhana
Sangali rakhana
Yoh manai ta ho ni
Yoo manai ta ho ni
Yoh manai ta ho ni
Yoo maya nai ho ni
Yoh maya nai ho ni
Yoo maya nai ho ni

Surilo…sangeet jhai yo
Amar…maya hamro rahos
Timro aakha ma maile paye
Man ka ti bhawana haru lai

Samhalhi rakhana
Sangali rakhana
(Yho maya nai ho ni
Yo maya nai ho ni
Yo maya nai ho ni
Yoo) x2

Monkey Temple Band – Gahiro (Official Video)

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