GHUMI GHUMI Lyrics in English – Sujan Chapagain, Shanti Shree Pariyar, Hark Saud

GHUMI GHUMI (घुमी घुमी) Lyrics in English by Sujan Chapagain, Shanti Shree Pariyar, Hark Saud: ‘Ghumi Ghumi’ (घुमी घुमी) is a folk journey song sung by the Nepalese artist Sujan Chapagain and Shanti Shree Pariyar. The lyrics whereas is written by Hark Saud. The music is produced and arranged by Ganga Thapa. Whereas the mixing and mastering are done by Kobid Bajra. The song was released on 9th April 2022 through Sujan Chapagain’s official YouTube channel.

Sujan Chapagain through his YouTube writes: Ghumi Ghumi is a folk journey which has been aesthetically crafted to celebrate the richness of Nepali folk music and folk life. The story of this musical film is based on the innocence of Bhakta (Bhakte), who is curiously committed to devote his heart and soul for the love of Saru. The story moves forward with various sequences unfolding activities of Bhakte who is determined to shower happiness in Saru’s life mostly remaining anonymous. As Bhakte’s love towards Saru is slowly discovered by her family, Saru’s father decides to migrate from the village. Bhakte continues to wait for Saru through beautiful memories and he also takes care of Saru’s home which has been deserted after their migration. Saru comes back to her village with her father to attend a marriage function and the story unfolds various emotions of love, hope and commitment.

Song: Ghumi Ghumi (घुमी घुमी)
Vocals by: Sujan Chapagain and Shanti Shree Pariyar
Song Composed by: Sujan Chapagain
Lyrics by: Hark Saud
Music Producer, Arranger, Background Score: Ganga Thapa
Mixing and Mastering by: Kobid Bajra
Recordist: Sujan Bhattarai
Chorus vocal: Prema Rana and Pratima Bishokarma

GHUMI GHUMI Lyrics in English - Sujan Chapagain, Shanti Shree Pariyar, Hark Saud, Ganga Thapa, Kobid Bajra, Sujan Bhattarai, Prema Rana,Pratima Bishokarma, ArtMandu, Namlo Music
GHUMI GHUMI by Sujan Chapagain, Shanti Shree Pariyar, Hark Saud

Sujan Chapagain, Shanti Shree Pariyar Lyrics

“Ghumi Ghumi Lyrics”

Sujan Chapagain:
Ghumi ghumi jharyo
Orali ko baato
Timi aaunu tehi bato
Aru thaau saato
Aru thau sato ni ri mai, aru thau sato

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Sustai sustai chadyo
Ukali ko bato
Boki aaunu ek muthi maya
Rittai aaunu saato
Ritai aunu sato ni ri mai, ritai aunu sato

Sujan Chapagain:
Surta ho ki maya ho
Jyan juro juro bho ho
Sankai deu ki boli deu
Bhandeu k kuro ho

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Juna hoki ghama ho
Din raatai sataune
Maan le ho ki ootha le ho
Timrai naam rataaune

Sujan Chapagain:
Kapaalai ko laaunu parda
Haat le chopnu sato
Haatle chopnu sato ni ri mai, haatle chopnu sato

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Shir ma launu chadkey topi
Bulbuli ko saato
Bulbuli ko saato ni ri mai, Bulbuli ko saato

Sujan Chapagain:
Sunaideu ki lekhideu
Naam timro baasai korera
Chadhaula deurali mai
Fulpati sorera

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Aaja ho ki bholi ho
Jhan najeek najeek saraune
Aakhai le ki mutu le
[inaudible] maan paraune

Sujan Chapagain:
Yaadai aaye pugne po raicha
Bhok nindra ko saato
Bhok nindra ko sato ni ri mai, bhok nindra ko sato

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Timrai maya chali nai rahane
Dhuk dhuki chalnu sato
Dhuk dhuki chalnu sato ni ri mai, dhukdhuki chalnu sato

Sujan Chapagain:
Ma chari mka bathaan hajura
Baasai sarey [inaudible]
Aasu sangai dukha jharey
Khushi bhari lai
Ritto chagati heri rahayo
Mutu dii pathaye
Afnai haata le
Shira phoola
Dadai katai, dadai katai

Saathi jau bho kasturi maya
Essai chutnu saato
Yessai chutnu saato ni ri mai
Essai chutnu saato

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Lagyo bhanne badulki malai
Aaula yehi baato
Aula yehi bato ni ri mai, aula yehi bato

Chalirahayo saasai hajur
Tehi chhati ma baasai bho
Ghumi rahayo ghadi pala
Palai rahayo baasai tyo

Sujan Chapagain:
Udhi aayo baadalu ta
Barsiyera paani
Farki aayo paran hajur
Bachyo jindagani

Timi aaunu tehi bato rii mai
Aaru aaunu saato

Shanti Shree Pariyar:
Boki aaunu ek mutthi maya
Rittai aaunu saato!


Sujan Chapagain, Shanti Shree Pariyar, Hark Saud – Ghumi Ghumi (Official Music Video)


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