HABLA CONMIGO Lyrics in English – Kta Haru Ft. Kishan

HABLA CONMIGO Lyrics in English by Kta Haru Ft. Kishan: The song titled “Habla Conmigo” is a fresh new release and the latest song from the Nepali band, Kta Haru (केटाहरू) ft. Kishan. The song along with its official music video produced by Feature Studios was released on 28th November 2023 (Tuesday) through the band’s official YouTube channel. Habla Conmigo is a Spanish word that in English translates to “Talk to me”. The song is recorded at Trap Nepal and produced by Hype Dai aka BeatsByHype.

Song: Habla Conmigo
Performed by: Kta Haru Ft. Kishan
Recorded at: Trap Nepal
Produced by: Hype Dai
Drums by: Dion and Prabin
Saxophone by: Albo Gurung
Bass by: Bimal Gurung

HABLA CONMIGO Lyrics in English - Kta Haru Ft. Kishan - Trap Nepal - Hype Dai - Dion - Prabin - Albo Gurung - Bimal Gurung - Feature Studios - New Nepali Songs Lyrics - केटाहरू - Prasanna Shah - Milan Neupane
Habla Conmigo by Kta Haru Ft. Kishan

Habla Conmigo Lyrics

“Kta Haru Lyrics”


Ghari ghari bhetiranchu
Timi laai sadak ma
Timle pani bujhyo
Maile pani bujhey
Dherai chaina hami bachna

Kaile Patan, kaile Thamel
Chahal pahal bihana gham
Nalagey samma hami nachirahane
Timro wari pari pokhari ma
Paudiraka machha ni matidinne

Bola na timi sanga bolna maan lagcha
Hijo aaja ka guff ani aatit ka kura
Timle sunne geet sabai malai pani maan parcha
Bola na timi sanga bolna maan lagcha!


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Kta Haru – Habla Conmigo [Official Music Video]:


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