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ISHQ KI DUNIYA Lyrics in English by Sushant Ghimire: The song “Ishq Ki Duniya” is the second Hindi single by the singer-songwriter artist based in Nepal, Sushant Ghimire. Ishq Ki Duniya was released on 24th April 2023 (Monday) through Sushant Ghimire‘s official YouTube channel. The lyrics for the song is written by the performing artist Ghimire himself. Whereas, it is produced by Sashwot Shrestha and mixed & mastered at Omniphonics Studio.

Sushant Ghimire through his YouTube writes: The world of love can feel overwhelming and unforgiving. Sometimes the people we loved remain within us in different shades of memories as we struggle to make sense of our emotions and find our way forward. Bringing you guys this sad world of love “Ishq Ki Duniya” as my second Hindi single. Thank you for loving me so much till date. Love back to you all and good energies.

Previously on 25th July 2022 Sushant Ghimire released his first Hindi debut song Yaarey (यारे) through Selekt by Koinage‘s official YouTube channel. And as of writing this in April of 2023, the song has 16k plus views on YouTube alone.

Song: Ishq Ki Duniya
Written, Composed & Performed by: Sushant Ghimire
Guitar by: Bishal Darai
Violin by: Kiran Maharjan
Bass by: Bibek Tamang
Back Vocals by: Celi Shrestha
Produced by: Sashwot Shrestha
Mixed and Mastered at Omniphonics Studio

ISHQ KI DUNIYA Lyrics in English - Sushant Ghimire - Bishal Darai - Kiran Maharjan - Bibek Tamang - Celi Shrestha - Sashwot Shrestha - Omniphonics Studio - Garage Entertainment Nepal - Mantra Guitar - Hindi Song
Ishq Ki Duniya by Sushant Ghimire

Ishq Ki Duniya Lyrics

“Sushant Ghimire Lyrics”


Toota hai dill ye mera
Hei na koi kasoor tera
Chootey hain haat ki lakirein bhi
Laagey haain dhoop bhi aandhera
Murjhayi si hai sapanon ki woh galliya
Khamoshiyan aur baas teri parchaiyaan

(Ishq ki duniya
Bhardey ye aakhiya
Suuni sii suuni
Baas yaadein hai na) x2

Choota hai haata ye mera
Hai naa kohi kasoor tera

Yaadein teri kahin dhoon mein basi
Aakhein meri dhoondey hain haar kahi
Khamosiyaa badhaye ye dooriyan
Pyaar toh hai magar kaisi majbooriya

Ishq ki duniyaa (Khamosiyan badhaye re)
Bhardey ye aakhiya (Yeh duriya sataye re)
Sooni si sooni baas yaadein hai na
Ishq ki duniiya (Baawara mann daraye re)
Bhardey ye aakhiya (Khamosiyan badhaye re)
(Sooni si sooni baas yaadein hain na!) x6


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