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KATHA Lyrics in English by Susant Bista: The song Katha (कथा) is a new release track from the Nepalese singer-songwriter artist currently from Belgium, Susant Bista. Katha was released on 2nd June 2023 (Friday) through Susant Bista’s official YouTube channel. The song is written, composed, and performed by the artist Bista himself. Whereas it is produced by Diwas Gurung and the official music video is created in collaboration with Jazz Productions Nepal and Qi Studios.

Susant Bista through his Instagram writes: Katha is a captivating fictional narrative, told by a survivor who personally witnessed a devastating massacre and shares the tale in retrospect. This video masterfully weaves together elements of history and politics across different eras, shedding light on their lasting impact. Its purpose is to engage viewers, provoke deep thoughts, and offer an enjoyable experience that sparks imagination and meaningful discussions. Please approach this video with an open mind, appreciating it as a creative expression rather than a reflection of real-world politics.

Song: Katha (कथा)
Composed, Written & Performed by: Susant Bista
Mixed, Mastered & Produced by: Diwas Gurung

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Katha (कथा) by Susant Bista

Katha Lyrics

“Susant Bista Lyrics”


Katha cha sano sahar ma rahayeko
Mahal ko baithak ma ghatana ghateko
Aakha le dekheko bagaicha ni ghereko
Mukut ma ek hool toli paraya thyo boli

Katha cha ekadesh ma aakha le dekheka ti
Baato cha lamo basana sathi
Ubela pachahattar jilla akhabaar nihaali
Dui haat shir ma rakhi, jhuto prachar ko pachadi

Maan ko aago balney bhaidiye
Doshro lanka mani salkaauthey
Aasu ko mull futne bhaidiye
Koshi pari satru upahar bagauthey

Katha cha ek aadesh ma, mah mathi ni nishana
Mahal ko chaukima mah mareko nautanki
Ma ta aaina ho ghatana lukeko
Chukera umkeko, umkada futeko

Maan ko aago balne bhaidiye
Dosro lanka ma ni salkaauthey
Aashu ko mool futne bhaidiye
Koshi pari satru upahar bagauthey!


Susant Bista – Katha (Official Music Video):


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