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LATE NIGHT Lyrics in English by VEK Ft. DonG: ‘Late Night’ is a song from VEK (Bibek Waiba Lama)‘s recently released album titled SAMPANNA featuring the Nepalese rap artist, Mahesh Dong aka DONG (VEKxDONG). Previously, the song was only available to Stream or Listen on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. But on 3rd August 2022, the song was officially released through VEK’s official YouTube channel too. The song Late Night is produced by Elijah Melo.

The album ‘SAMPANNA’ was officially released in December of 2021 and it consists of 28 songs in total. It is also available to order through ClassX Presentation‘s official website or can also be streamed or downloaded on major platforms like iTunes or Spotify. SAMPANNA also features various other artists like Yabesh Thapa, Dong, Zeroo, Bizen, OMG SPARK, Takki, Jay Author, Oasis Thapa, Kengal Mehar Shrestha, and many more.

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VEK Lyrics

“Late Night Lyrics”


Timi mero, ma timro sahara banera
Bitaula hamro yo jindagaani
Timro ek sparsha le
Khai tahachaina k huncha malai
The way you flip your hair
Theway you stop and stare
The way you look at me just brightens up my day

Sakdina birsana, sakdina bhulauna
Bitaye ka tii paal haru
Sakdina birsana, sakdina bhulauna
Bitaye ka tii paal haru

Tii late night calls haru
(Yee yee yeey)
Tii late night calls haru
Tii late night calls haru
(Yee yee yeey)
Tii late night calls haru

Hamro date night pachi call gara late night
Natra bolau aaidinchu timro bed mai
Romantic geet sunauchu timro ghar ko gate ma
Aie malai ta gaauna aaudaina
Ma lera aauchu VEK lai
Ahh ma sanga huda timi pir namana
Timro lagi Young Thug, timi mero lagi Havana
Kei namana jhanjhat pura garchu timro saab chahana
Sangai baschu sakvar side lagaidau saab bahana

You gotta know that you fu*king with the best one
I know I sound obvious I’m not like this rest ones
Definitely not like fake ones
I know what you feeling shwaty
You ain’t gotta say nun
Biswaas gara malai I’m all about that great love
I’m gonna make your bed rock
Do you all kinda great stuff
Hami bedroom mai harpaal like we some kind of bedbugs
I just need to hit joint
You stick by me stay tough
Dhairya rakha baby I’m about to give you some great love

Tii late night calls haru
(Yee yee yeey)
(Tii late night calls haru!) x3


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