NASAMJHINE MAAN Lyrics in English – Uday Sotang, Trishala Gurung

NASAMJHINE MAAN Lyrics in English by Uday Sotang, Trishala Gurung: The song “Nasamjhine Maan” is a fresh new release single track from the collaboration of two talented and young Nepalese singer-songwriter artists, Trishala Gurung and Uday Sotang (Trishala Gurung X Uday Sotang). The song along with its official lyrical video was released on 1st January 2024 (Monday) through Trishala Gurung’s official YouTube channel, Trishala Sings. Likewise, the song is also available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or Amazon Music.

Lyrics for the song “Nasamjhine Maan” is written by Shri Pawan Chamling and it is performed by the duo of Trishala Gurung and Uday Sotang. Likewise, the music is composed by another great Nepalese artist, Swapnil Sharma. Nasamjhine Maan is produced by Rohit Shakya. Whereas, it is mixed and mastered by 8ugustus, and the flute is played by Tilasmi Prajapati.

Song: Nasamjhine Maan
Lyrics by: Shri Pawan Chamling
Performed by: Trishala Gurung and Uday Sotang
Music Composed by: Swapnil Sharma
Music Produced by: Rohit Shakya
Mixed and Mastered by: 8ugustus
Flute by: Tilasmi Prajapati

NASAMJHINE MAAN Lyrics in English - Uday Sotang, Trishala Gurung - त्रिशला गुरुङ - New Nepali Song Lyrics - Shri Pawan Chamling - Rohit Shakya - Swapnil Sharma - 8ugustus - Tilasmi Prajapati - Collaboration
Nasamjhine Maan by Uday Sotang, Trishala Gurung

Nasamjhine Maan Lyrics

“Uday Sotang, Trishala Gurung Lyrics”


Nasamjhe ni hunchha
Timle birseko nai ramro
Malai jasto bhaye pani
Timi lai hosh raamro

Birsane lai lakha salam
Maana bhitra baata
Sahula ma maan ko betha
Aafnai pana baata

(Malaai jasto bhaye pani
Timilai hosh raamro) x2

Maaya ko reet raicha riitinu parne
Tadpera jindagi lai bitauna parne
Maya ma lina parne jo timro bhaaga
Sabai sabai sumpidinchu jeewana nai maga

Timro maan ma napaye ni
Maile basne thaau
Tehi maan ma khopula ma
Hamro jodi naau
Aamar banos prem ma
Duii naam hamro
Malai jasto bhaye pani
Timi laai hos ramro

(Malaai jasto bhaye pani
Timilaai hosh raamro!) x2


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