NGOLSYO Lyrics in English – Jybs Gurung

NGOLSYO Lyrics in English by Jybs Gurung: The song titled “Ngolsyo” or “ङोल्स्यो” is a fresh new release song from the young and talented Nepali singer-songwriter artist, Jybs Gurung (जिब्स गुरुङ). The song along with its official audio was released on 29th February 2024 (Thursday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel.

Jybs Gurung through his YouTube writes: So Ngolsyo means Soltini hai ❤️

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Ngolsyo (ङोल्स्यो) by Jybs Gurung

ङोल्स्यो – Ngolsyo Lyrics

“जिब्स गुरुङ – Jybs Gurung Lyrics”


La hai, la hai, la haai
La hai, la hai, la haai

Ay ngolsyo, ay ngolsyo
Teso nabhanna
Mai mari jaaula
Timro taana ma
Jhuto kasaam khadina
Maya marna sakdina
Khaai kina
Khushi sabai timlai
Dukhha mah leula
Juni juni sangai hune
Bachha chadai chha

Baru bhana timi nai
Sabai chodi jaula hai
Timi ra mah
Taadha kataai

Ae ngolsyo, ae ngolsyo
Teso navanna
Mai mari jaaula
Timro taan maa
Ayy ngolsyo!


Jybs Gurung – Ngolsyo [Official Audio]:


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