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RAHAR Lyrics in English by bekcha (Prod. Tunna Bell Thapa): “Rahar” is a fresh release song from the artist bekcha. The song was initially written in October 2018 and finally, it was uploaded through the artist, bekcha’s official YouTube channel on 14th October 2021. The song ‘Rahar’ is written and sung by the artist bekcha himself. Whereas, it is recorded, arranged, and produced by Tunna Bell Thapa.

bekcha through his official YouTube writes: Revived from some years back, Rahar. Wishing you all happiness. It was a wonderful experience working with you for a day Tunna Bell Thapa brother, really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you Rupu bro for the amazing video on such short notice.


He further adds: Festivals and occasions in general have a way of making many feel as if what they have and where they are is insufficient or lesser. This time, I hope we all find some more reasons to smile and be happy about ourselves and the people around us.


I love it that these occasions put a short stop to all the running and chaos, but do they really? Without sounding further melancholic, let me wish you all a wonderful time. We should find some time to celebrate while we can.

RAHAR Lyrics in English by bekcha (Prod.Tunna Bell Thapa)
Source: bekcha / YouTube

bekcha Lyrics

“Rahar Lyrics”

Aama timlai aarko saala
Kini deula dui joda saadi
Aama timlai aarko saala
Kini deula dui joda saadi
Yespaali maile sakina

Baba timlai kamij paaint
Kini deula arko saala
Yespaali maafa garideu na
Yespaali maile sakina

Bahini timlai kurta salwar
Lyaunai sakena yo daajai le
Bhai timro khelauna ko rahar
Puryaunai sakena yo daajai le
Yespaali maan samahaali deu na
Yespaali maile sakina

Duniyaako chharo
Chicholi heraula
Muskana ko karaan
Kehi naaulo bunaula
Kehi naaulo bunaula

bekcha  – Rahar (Prod. Tunna Bell Thapa) (Official Video)

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