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SAATH (साथ) Lyrics in English by Tunna Bell Thapa: The song titled Saath (साथ) is a fresh new release song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter artist Tunna Bell Thapa‘s album “Hardina“. The song along with its official music video directed by Rejma Magar and casting the popular Nepalese comedian Sujan Zimba and Razani Mishra was released on 1st September 2023 (Friday) through Tunna Bell Thapa‘s official YouTube channel. Saath is written, arranged, and mixed by the artist Thapa himself. Whereas, it is produced by Skin And Bones Records and Souline Media Collective.

Tunna Bell Thapa through his YouTube writes: Put your hand over your chest. Feel the beat? That’s called purpose. You’re here for a reason. Don’t leave without one. Don’t give up! – Joyce Meyer // Stay open; it is how the light gets in. Mental health is important!

Song: Saath (साथ)
Album: Hardina
Written, Arranged, Mixed, and Engineered: Tunna Bell Thapa
Flute by: Nabin Maharjan, Swarnim Maharjan
Produced by: Skin And Bones Records, Souline Media Collective
Starring: Sujan Zimba and Razani Mishra

SAATH Lyrics in English - Tunna Bell Thapa - Sujan Zimba - Razani Mishra - टुन्ना बेल थापा - साथ - New Nepali Songs - Nabin Maharjan - Swarnim Maharjan - Skin And Bones Records - Souline Media Collective - Rejma Magar
Saath (साथ) by Tunna Bell Thapa

Saath Lyrics

“Tunna Bell Thapa Lyrics”


Timro tyo aangalo ma
Bolayera hera na
Aauchu ma chhadi sansaara
Mero yo jeevana ma
Aasu jati bhaye ni
Baachumla timrai sahaara
Timro aakha ma kahile aasu nahos
Naboley ni maan ko kura, maan le bujhos
Samjhani ma aai rahane nata rahos
Timrai khushi ma mero yo sansar basos, maya

Jeevan bageko khola kaaha tungine hola
Banideu merai kinara
Bhawana batti jala, chahana mari jala
Mardaina maan ko yo maya
Saash rahunjel yo juni sangai bitos
Aasha rahunjel bharosa tyo natutos
Sangarsha ma saath dinne bachha rahos
Timrai khushi ma mero yo sansar basosh, maya

(Haraai jaula maya timi bina mah
Saath napaye ni maan mai rakha na!) x2


Tunna Bell Thapa – Saath [Official Music Video]:


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