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SAKCHU Lyrics in English by VEK: The song “Sakchu” is a song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter artist, VEK (Bibek Waiba Lama)‘s album titled SAMPANNA. Sakchu (सक्छु) is produced by Storenutter. The album ‘SAMPANNA was officially released in December of 2021 and it is available to order through ClassX Presentation‘s official website or it can be streamed or downloaded from various major streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. Album SAMPANNA also features multiple other artists like Yabesh Thapa, Dong, Zeroo, Bizen, OMG SPARK, Takki, Jay Author, Oasis Thapa, Kengal Mehar Shrestha, and many more. Sakchu was released previously on all major streaming platforms. And on 15th May 2023 (Monday) the song was also made available on YouTube through VEK’s official YouTube channel.

Song: Sakchu (सक्छु)
Written, Composed, and Performed By: VEK
Music Produced By: Storenutter
Managed By: ClassX Presentation

SAMPANNA VEK - Vekscuse, Nepali Funk, Late Night, You Stupid Bish, Khi Chaidaina, Bujhaideuna, Timi Nai Timi, Burning Heart, Can't Get Enough, Mayale, Jhari, Sakina, Bachau Malai, Sakchu

Sakchu Lyrics

“VEK Lyrics”


Ma, sakdina
Bhanthey paila tara ma
Tyo bhandina
Sano huda thulo
Thulo sapana aile thulo bhaiyo
Tara tii dinn kati ramailo
Mah, mah sakdina
Bhanthey paila tara ma
Aba tyo bhaandina
Pachadi herchu daaya baaya herchu
Ani aagadi badhchu ma
Ladey bhanne katai uthchu feri
Janchu aama baba ko ma

Lagcha kaile kahi malai sabai birsideu
Bhulaai sara kura yo sansaar lai chadidieu
Soch ma gahiro soch ma
Mah mah sakdina bhanthey paila tara ma
Aba tyo bhaandina
Pachadi herchu daya baya herchu
Ani aagadi badhchu ma
Ladey vaney katai uthchu feri
Janchu aama baba ko ma!


VEK – Sakchu (Official Audio):


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