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SAKHI Lyrics in English by Ankita Pun: Sakhi (सखी) is the third song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter Ankita Pun‘s debut album “MAILI“. The song was already available to stream or listen to on various streaming platforms since 7th June 2022. The official music video of the song Sakhi was released on 31st December 2022 through Ankita Pun‘s official YouTube channel. The song can also be purchased through the Nepalese streaming platform, Noodle. Sakhi (सखी) is written and produced by the artist Pun herself. Whereas, the audio is produced by Diwas Gurung. The official music video directed by Ramuna Pun casts Gaumaya and Sadhana Gurung.

Song: Sakhi (सखी)
Album: MAILI
Written, Composed, and Sung by: Ankita Pun
Audio produced by: Diwas Gurung

Two girls near a green setting with some trees and branches
Sakhi (सखी) by Ankita Pun

Sakhi Lyrics

“Ankita Pun Lyrics”


Tyo pari gaauai ma
Fuleko phoola jasari
Ae meri sakhi timi
Phoolnu hai tesari
Hawa ko lahaar pani
Gungunaucha besari
Timi pani ma sangai
Geet gaau sustaari

Udhaai lagyo timro
Tyo raato pachyauri
Mah timlai khoju
Ta khoju kasaari
Eah meri saakhi
Eah meri sakhii

Bhaagi ta gayau timi
Taadha taadha
Khushi chai hola bhaani
Gaardai chu aasha
Ma pani aaune chu chhadi
Yo sansaara saara
Hamro yo maya ajhai
Hosh gaadha!


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