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SALALA Lyrics in English by Bipul Chettri: The song titled “Salala” or “सलल” is a fresh new release single track from the young and talented singer-songwriter based on Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Bipul Chettri (विपुल क्षेत्री). The song along with its official music video by Junkeri Studio was released on 31st January 2024 (Wednesday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel.

Bipul Chettri through his YouTube writes: ‘Salala’ in the Nepali language is an onomatopoeia of the sound of the river flowing. This song is speaks of leaving one’s home for faraway lands because of the difficulties and uncertainties of life in the hills. And so, it is filled with longing, yearning, nostalgia, wistfulness, and the incurable desire to return home while being unable to. With the river Teesta being the metaphor of the only constant that keeps flowing regardless of the circumstances.

Song: Salala (सलल)
Lyrics, Composed and Performed by: Bipul Chettri
Sarangi by: Prince Nepali
Recorded at: Lotus Tree Studios by Ritwik De
Assisted by: Krishna Rao
Mixed and Mastered by: Binaya Man Amatya
Executive Producer: Sonam Tashi

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Salala (सलल) by Bipul Chettri (विपुल क्षेत्री)

Salala Lyrics

“Bipul Chettri Lyrics”


Yaad aaucha ti kalila din haru
Jaati juni aaye ni taadha
Aahile jastai lagcha ti chyen haru
Tahanapai bitecha paala
Tala aaja bagecha Teesta salala

Khosiyeko yo gaas salikirahecha yo baas
Khaacho hamro kasle bujcha ra
Garne k yaaha, kaslai k bhanne yaha
Yestai nai cha pahada ko haala
Taala aja bagecha Testaa salala

Kati aaye yaaha, kati gaye
Yaha kati pardesh gayecha
Mato ko maaya aaja ni
Saaba ko raga bagecha

Jadai chu aja ma ta timlai chadera
Paristhiti saaro bho yaaha
Ghara ko maya kaslai lagdaina ra
Farki aaune chu timrai aangalo
Tala aaja bagecha Teesta salala
Tala aaja bagecha Teesta salala!


Bipul Chettri – Salala [Official Lyric Video]:


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