Samriddhi Rai And VEK Announce Thaha Chha TikTok Challenge | #ThahaChha

Thaha Chha by Samriddhi Rai and VEK

On July 15, 2021, Samriddhi Rai released her new song, Thaha Chha, featuring VEK (Samriddhi Rai X Vek) and Swastima Khadka. The song was released on Samriddhi Rai’s official YouTube channel.

Storenutter at Class X Presentation is the music producer of Thaha Chha. And VEK is the director of the music video.

The song sets cool vibes. They have shot the video on school premises, so it reminds us of our college days—hanging out with friends and having a lot of fun.

#ThahaChha TikTok Challenge (Samriddhi Rai X Vek)

Recently, on July 28, Samriddhi and VEK announced the #ThahaChha TikTok challenge. To participate in the challenge, you have to make a fun, creative, dancey video in any part of the song.

Furthermore, you must use the #SamXVek hashtag in your video.

What kind of videos can you make?

You can use the sound from any part of the song, choose any location you want, and make the following kind of videos.

  1. Dance video
  2. Creative video
  3. Anything interesting and fun

Winners and Prizes

Samriddhi and VEK will select three of the best videos as winners of the #ThahaChha challenge.

# Winner 1

The first winner will be the one with the highest likes or views (aggregated). The prize for the first winner is Rs. 10,000.

# Winner 2

The second winner will be the one with the best dance or best creative video. The prize for the second winner is Rs. 10,000.

# Winner 3

The final winner will be the artist’s choice, which means Samriddhi and Vek will be selecting the winner of their choice. The prize for the winner of the artist’s choice is Rs. 5,000.

As per Samriddhi’s Facebook post, the winners will be announced on September 15, 2021.

So go on, participate in the #ThahaChha TikTok challenge by making creative videos. Then, share your video with your friends and win exciting cash prizes. Lastly, don’t forget to use the #samxvek hashtag on your videos.

Samriddhi Rai and VEK’s TikTok Challenge Announcement

Here is the official announcement of the Thaha Chha TikTok challenge, posted by Samriddhi Rai on her Facebook page.

Thaha Chha Lyrics (Samriddhi Rai X Vek)

THAHA CHHA Lyrics in English – Samriddhi Rai, VEK

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