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TIMILEY Lyrics in English by Samir Shrestha: The song “Timiley” (तिमीले) is a fresh new release song from the young and talented Nepali singer, and songwriter artist, Samir Shrestha. The song along with its official music video directed by Rupesh Shrestha and casting Samir Shrestha and Nikita Acharya was released on 5th October 2023 (Thursday) through Samir Shrestha‘s official YouTube channel. Timiley is written and composed by the artist Shrestha himself. Whereas, it is mixed, mastered, and produced by Rohit Shakya at Fuzz Factory Productions.

Samir Shrestha through his YouTube writes: “Sometimes, it feels like there’s a lump in your throat when you try to express your feelings in words. Yes, that person, they bring you peace, give you butterflies, but still, you’re unable to voice it. ‘Timiley’ is all about those emotions—the early stages of love and the serenity it brings! In the quiet moments, their smile becomes your melody, and their laughter, a sweet, soothing symphony. Your heart skips a beat whenever they’re near, and their presence acts as a tranquil oasis amidst life’s chaos. It’s as if you can’t escape from their magnetic pull. Yet, despite the whirlwind of emotions, the words remain elusive, trapped within, desperately wanting to be released. But the beauty lies in the unspoken, in the shared glances and gentle touches that convey more than words ever could. ‘Timiley’ embodies the journey of emotions, the unspoken love that envelops your heart like a warm, comforting embrace.”

Song: Timiley (तिमीले)
Written, Composed, and Performed by: Samir Shrestha (समिर श्रेष्ठ)
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Rohit Shakya (Fuzz Factory Productions)
Managed by: Garage Entertainment Nepal

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Timiley (तिमीले) by Samir Shrestha

Timiley Lyrics

“Samir Shrestha Lyrics”


Kasari bhannu ma, timi lai maya garchu mah
Kasari pokhu mera yi, bhawana jun chan timi prati
Hawa lai bhani pathau ki, sauney jhari ko barsha lai
Patra ma lekhi pathau ki, aajad khulla ku panchi lai
(Timiley, timile mero maan chori lagyau timi le) x2

Khola ko dobaan jhai misi gayaau timi ma bhitrai
Hridya ko majha mai baash garyau devi devata jhai
Dinna ra mero raata kaati jancha timrai samjhana ma
Aakha haru mera rahanchan sadhai bha timrai khoji talash ma
Mero nindhra churayu timiley, bipani bhari chhayau timinai

Kasto yo uljhan, garo bho umkana timi bata malai
Jhan jhan dubdai gaachu, aafai ma chaina kaabu
Garyau yo k jaadu? Timi ley, timmi ley
(Timiley, timiley mero maan chori lagyau timiley) x2
Mero maan chori lagyau timiley!


Samir Shrestha – Timiley – तिमीले [Official Music Video]:


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