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URJA Lyrics in English by The Elements: The song ‘URJA’ is the first song from ‘The Elements‘ new album titled ‘URJA‘. The album consists of five songs in total and it was officially released on 11th December 2021. The band comprises Dipesh Gurung on percussions, Raunaq Singh Adhikari on the guitar, and Ishan Raj Onta on vocals. Defining their music as stories of the mind, created by experiences around them, the trio experiments with lyrics and an acoustic tone. The album URJA is available to stream or download on all the streaming platforms however it can also be purchased through Noodle Rex.

The Elements adds through Noodle Rex: Seclusion – be it by choice or circumstantial – somehow always leads to a unique creation or an epiphany of sorts and for The Elements – the result is here in the form of a 5-track album entitled “URJA”. Crisp and punchy and melody senses that make your senses twirl, this partnership between the trio and Studio 5150 has resulted in something spectacular. A fresh clean mix of soundscapes arranged as only they can, the band has come a long way from straight forward ballads to this ground that they can call their own and own only. The title track starts things off and the lads sound confident and focused.

URJA, UPAHAR, BHAAG, TYAAG, INDRIYA Lyrics in English - The Elements - Dipesh Gurung, Raunaq Singh Adhikari, Ishan Raj Onta - GeetKoLyrics
URJA Album by The Elements

The Elements Lyrics

“URJA Lyrics”

Kaha gumey saabai
Khera gayecha hai
Bhogeka, sikeka anubhav
Hela bhayecha hai
Hela gareka satya
Panchaye panchinna
Lukaye lukinna

Haata ka rekha hoina
Bhagya ka khel hoina
Afu le chaiyeko aafai

Khera nafala tyo Urja
Tyo urja, tyo Urja
Para dhakala tyo Urja
Chaidaina, chaidaina

Bhogeko kehi hoina
Pida sadhai rahanna
Uthne cha chhaya timro
Paani ka foka jhai
Chahayera chito hunna
Dhilo aaye bigridaina
Aaipugcha uh afnai
Gaatima, dhangama

Khera nafala tyo Urja
Para dhakala tyo Urja
Tyo urja
Para dhakala tyo Urja
Chaidaina, chaidaina

Abela bhachaina
Ultauna, ultauna, ultauna
Aata nahara sultauna
Chaidaina, chaidaina

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