YAJNA Lyrics in English – Lisson Khadka, Alex, Suchan

YAJNA Lyrics in English by Lisson Khadka x Alex x Suchan: The song titled “Yajna” is a new release song from the collaboration of three artists, Lisson Khadka, Alex Dware, and Suchan Mushyan. The song was released on 6th June 2023 (Tuesday) through Lisson Khadka’s official YouTube channel. Yajna is written and composed by Suchan Mushyan. Whereas, it is performed by Lisson Khadka and Alex Dware.

Lisson Khadka through his YouTube writes: Yajna is the best music I have ever done. This is totally something different. I would like to thank all the people involved in this project ❤️ If you are wondering what Yajna means, It is a Sanskrit word for tyaag (sacrifice).

Previously on 28th February, Lisson Khadka released the song “Farki Aauna (फर्कि आउन)” collaborating with another talented Nepalese artist bekcha. And as of writing this in June of 2023, the song Farki Aauna has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube alone.

Song: Yajna
Written and Composed by: Suchan Mushyan
Performed by: Lisson Khadka & Alex Dware
Arranged by: Tek Nanda Lama
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Yugal Koju
Sarangi by: Hemanta
Flute by: Gopal Dev
Dhime by: Lokanthali UNESCO Yuva Club

YAJNA Lyrics in English - Lisson Khadka - Alex Dware - Suchan Mushyan - Tek Nanda Lama - Yugal Koju - Hemanta - Gopal Dev - JNL studio - New Nepali Songs - Latest - GeetKoLyrics - Lokanthali Unesco Yuva Club
Yajna by Lisson Khadka x Alex Dware x Suchan Mushyan

Yajna Lyrics

“Alex x Suchan x Lisson Khadka Lyrics”


Timro lagi tyo sansara chodi aaye
Timi sangai yo jindagi jyuna basey
Timro haata samai, timro sansar ghumey
Timi sangai yo jeewana jyuna sikey

Timro aangalo ma badhi rakha malai
Aafno hridya ka pir haru sabai bhulai
Mera sapana haru sabai tyaagi sakey
Timra ichya haru maan ma rakhisakey

Mera chahana haru timi sangai jyune
Yedi marera arko janma paye bhanne
Hare chyan ma maile timro saatha khojey
Aanek paristhiti ma ni timi lai nai rojey

Mera sapana haru sabai tyaagi sakey
Timra ichya haru maan ma rakhisakey
Aafu adhuro nai bhaye paani
Aafna tukda haru sabai lyai jodi
(Timi lai pura ma banaula!) x2


Alex Dware x Suchan Mushyan x Lisson Khadka – Yajna (Official Lyrics Video):


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