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AGYANI Lyrics in English by Pahenlo Batti Muni: The song Agyani (अज्ञानी) is the eighth and the final track of (पहेँलो बत्ती मुनि) Pahenlo Batti Muni‘s Debut album titled ‘Asthir‘. Asthir, the album was released back in the year 2019. Whereas, the song Agyani (अज्ञानी) was only released on YouTube on 31st August 2022 through the band’s official YouTube channel. The official music video of the song is directed and edited by Dheeraj Adhikari.

The band Pahenlo Batti Muni is an experimental rock band from Nepal and believes that one genre of music cannot portray all the emotions a human can have. Therefore they try and experiment with what they can create. Lyrics for the song अज्ञानी (Agyani) are written and sung by Rochak Dahal and it was recorded by Manzil Bikram KC, likewise mixing and mastering are done by Binaya Man Amatya (The Project Studio).

Song: Agyani (अज्ञानी)
Album: Asthir
Bass by: Kush KC
Percussions by: Luv Jung Chhetri
Guitar, Back Vocals by: Pravesh Thapa Magar
Vocals and Lyrics by: Rochak Dahal
Recording: Manzil Bikram KC (KJC Studio)
Mixing and Mastering by: Binaya Man Amatya (The Project Studio)

AGYANI Lyrics in English - Pahenlo Batti Muni - Kush KC - Luv Jung Chhetri - Pravesh Thapa Magar - Rochak Dahal - Lyrics - GeetKoLyrics - Manzil Bikram KC - Binaya Man Amatya - The Project Studio - Asthir - Asthir Album
Agyani (अज्ञानी) by Pahenlo Batti Muni

Pahenlo Batti Muni Lyrics

“Agyani Lyrics”


Sima rekha malai pani dekhaideu
Paila le naaglan feri jani najani
Paani mero paau ma lagaideu
Aagai le jalla bato feri

Galat mai huna sakchu, timi saahi
Galat mai huna sakchu, timi saahi
Duniya ranga birangi aakha mera yi doshi
Seto ra kalo matra bhaani
Dosha mero sachyaideu, patti malai ni laideu
Taraju le taauley jaati
Galat mai huna sakchu, timi saahi

Mera yii paila haru le
Timi lai thesa laglaa
Mera yii geeta haru
Chup chap besa laagla
Hera mero aakha ma
Jaa dekchu andhakara
Andhyaro hoina aago yo
Parey jalcha timro sansaara
Ho hooo

Galat mai huna sakchu, timi ni haina saahi
Galat mai huna sakchu, timi ni haina saahi

(Agyyani ma, aagyani ma, agyaani!) x4


Pahenlo Batti Muni – Agyani (Official Music Video):

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