ANANTA Lyrics in English – Oshin Karki, Synchronous

ANANTA Lyrics in English by Oshin Karki, Synchronous: The song titled “Ananta” or “अनन्त” is a fresh new release track from the collaboration of various young and talented Nepalese artists, Oshin Karki, Synchronous, and Chomii. Ananta along with its official music video directed by Storenutter was released on 1st January 2024 (Monday) through ClassX Presentation‘s official YouTube channel. The title of the song “Ananta” translates to “Infinite” or “Forever” in the English language.

Ananta is composed and performed by the duo of Oshin Karki and Synchronous (Oshin Karki X Synchronous). Whereas, it is produced by Chomii and co-produced by Pozod. Likewise, the song is mixed & mastered by SNJV.

ClassX Presentation through their YouTube writes: Ananta is about a person embarking on a journey to find someone.

Song: Ananta (अनन्त)
Written, Composed, and Performed by: Oshin Karki X Synchronous
Produced by: Chomii
Co-produced by: Pozod
Mixed and Mastered by: SNJV

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Ananta (अनन्त) by Oshin Karki X Synchronous X Chomii

अनन्त – Ananta Lyrics

“Synchronous, Oshin Karki Lyrics”


Khoji rahe charai tira timlai
Payena maile wari pari
Nirasha nai nirasha paye
Aasha rakhi rahey yo maan ma

Aaba chodi aaye mera sansaar
Thaki sakeko anuhaar
Basirahanu timi badal ma

Aakasha todi aauna bhana
Chodi sakey baato sabai
Otha le naama mero leula
Andhero ma ghama khoji rahey ma

Khoji aaune chhu ma
Ananta yo aasha boki
Bato dekhai rahanu timi
Goreto ko ujheli bani

Aba chodi aye mera sansar
Thakisakeko anuhar
Basi rahanu timi badaal ma

Akasha todi auna bhanna
Chhodi sakey bato sabai
Ootha ley naama mero leula
Andhero ma gham khoji rahe ma!

Synchronous, Oshin Karki – Ananta [Official Music Video]:


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