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CHAR DIN CHAR JUNI (चार दिन चार जुनी) Lyrics in English by Ankita Pun (अंकिता पुन): The song “Char Din Char Juni” is a song from the talented and young Nepalese singer-songwriter artist Ankita Pun‘s debut album titled “MAILI“. The song along with its official music video directed by Abhishek Subedi was released on 2nd October 2021 through Purbanchal Rocks‘ official YouTube channel. Char Din Char Juni is written by Ankita Pun, Rohan Limbu, and Sushan Jung. Likewise, it is performed by the artist Ankita Pun and produced by Diwas Gurung. The song is also available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Song: Char Din Char Juni (चार दिन चार जुनी)
Album: MAILI
Written by: Ankita Pun, Rohan Limbu, Sushan Jung
Performed by: Ankita Pun
Produced by: Diwas Gurung
Executive Producer: Purbanchal Rocks

CHAR DIN CHAR JUNI Lyrics in English - Ankita Pun - Baatuli - चार दिन चार जुनी - अंकिता पुन - MAILI Album - माईली - Purbanchal Rocks - New Nepali Song - Diwas Gurung - Media Port - Abhishek Subedi - GeetKoLyrics
Char Din Char Juni (चार दिन चार जुनी) by Ankita Pun (अंकिता पुन)

Char Din Char Juni Lyrics

“Ankita Pun Lyrics”


Char din sangai ko tyo samaya
Pyaro ani ramailo thiyo
Malai pachyaudai uhh aauthyo
Anautho haasho ko anuhar liyi
Kaala nayan tii sagar sari
Gahiro ani chokho thiyo
Chappakai samaune usko tyo haat haru
Yaad aaucha uskai ghari ghari
(Kahiley hola khai bheta hamro feri) x2

Parkhi basthyo uhh malai
Tehi ghar ko dailo ma
Mah aauda ramaune tyo
Aaja khai k gardai hola

Kaatai aasu bagaudaai cha ki
Kaatai chiso le po bhetyo ki
Kataai aashu bagaudai cha ki
Kataai chiso le po bhetyo ki

Eh mero nisthawaan saathi
Ti chaar din hun char jooni
Eh mero nisthawaan saathi
Tii char din hunn char juni!


Ankita Pun – Char Din Char Juni [Official Music Video] – MAILI Album:


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