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CHUNARIYA (चुनरिया) Lyrics by Nawaj Ansari: The song “Chunariya” (चुनरिया) is a new release song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter and artist, Nawaj Ansari. The song was released on 19th August 2023 (Saturday) through Nawaj Ansari‘s official YouTube channel. Chunariya is mixed, mastered, written, and performed by the artist Ansari himself. Whereas, it is produced by brabodofl. The song Chunariya also consists sample from the popular Hindi song “Sar Se Sarke” from the classic Bollywood movie released in 1981, Silsila.

Song: Chunariya (चुनरिया)
Written, Performed, Mixed & Mastered by: Nawaj Ansari
Produced by: brabodofl

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Chunariya (चुनरिया) by Nawaj Ansari

Chunariya Lyrics

“Nawaj Ansari Lyrics”


Shir bata jharyo timro chunariya
Shir bata khasyo timro chunariya

Light kiss timro Bengali bindi ma
Guliyo maya timro ooth ma chai chini cha
Timro saundarya shobha ko k kura
Har ek sabda timile bolda tyaha kimat cha

Kudi mein toh hindi nahi bolti
Ma j bhi bolti, woh sahi bolti
Milayera dunga tumko english ma

Okay, you barely take a day off, you’re hard working
You look stunning, chandani (moonlight)
Your phone ain’t buzzing (just me), that’s alright
You know no cussing, you sweet you right, you shy
I like it, I love it (my type)
On top of that I love your modesty
Never really talk too much, couple of drinks (yes possibly)
Take her to the heaven and back (I do that privately)
She don’t really talk about them but talk anamolies
Its really cute when I be complimenting her
But she don’t really know how to handle the compliments
And then she smile, she look away, she shy (she acknowledged it)
She’s real intelligent (I’m proud of her)
She gets excited about ‘Quran’ and I told her we could study it together
When we die, can we bury us together?
Told her never ever talk about death again cuz I can’t imagine it
She told me not rest my pen and thats regardless
Strong emotions at its finest, we shed couple of drops of tears
Honestly its bliss, I’m so high, I’m so blessed
I’m so rich, Its all cuz ‘you are’ as ‘you is’!


Nawaj Ansari – Chunariya [Official Audio]:


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