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DUI NAYAN Lyrics in English by Philip Tamang: The song “Dui Nayan” is a fresh release song from the Nepalese  Singer, Songwriter, and Composer Philip Tamang. The song was officially released through Philip Tamang’s official YouTube channel on 9th July 2022, which also happens to be the artist’s birthday.

Dui Nayan is written, performed, and composed by the artist Philip himself. Whereas, the flute for the song is by Aarav Maharjan and the mixing and mastering is done by Ness Studio. The official music video is by Ghongbaa Films, plus it casts the Nepalese film actress and the winner of the Miss Nepal World 2012 pageant, Shristi Shrestha.

Philip Tamang through his YouTube writes: Maile mero bhawana pokhaye, tapai haru suni dinu hos!

Song: Dui Nayan (दुई नयन)
Written, Composed, and Performed by: Philip Tamang
Flute by: Aarav Maharjan
Arranged and Mixed Mastered: Ness Studio

DUI NAYAN Lyrics in English - Philip Tamang - Aarav Maharjan - Ness Studio - Philip Tamang Lyrics - Philip Tamang New Songs - Ghongbaa Films - Shristi Shrestha - GeetKoLyrics - New Nepali Song - दुई नयन
DUI NAYAN (दुई नयन) by Philip Tamang Ft. Shristi Shrestha

Philip Tamang Lyrics

“Dui Nayan Lyrics”


Bunyau jaala maya ko timle
Aljhiye mata jeevan lai
Basi sakeychu aakhaima timro
Aajad kahile nahuney gari

Dui nayan bhet vayo jaba
Lukaye theye kura haru taba

Sajaye mero yaadama timilai
Aafno jeevan sajiye cha
Basayau malai timro maan bhitra jaba
Maya sagarma dubechu ma

Dui dhadkaan ek vayo jaba
Jyuna thaley feri ma taba

Chahanna timi bina ko jeevan jyuna malai
Ghama bina ko dinn dekhnu chaina malai
Najanu tadha katai chodi timi maalai
Joona bina ko raat katnu chaina malai

Buneu jaal maya ko timile
Aljhiye mata jivan lai
Basi sakey chu aakhaima timro
Azad kahile nahuney gari

Dui nayan vet vayo jaba
Lukaye theye kura haru taba
Jyuna thaley feri ma taba
Lukaye theye kura haru taba
Juina thalay pheri ma taba!


Philip Tamang – Dui Nayan (Official Music Video Ft Shristi Shrestha):


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