HAREY Lyrics in English – Kuma Sagar

HAREY Lyrics in English by Kuma Sagar (कुमा सागर): The song titled “Harey” or “हारे” is a new release and a raw version song from the young, talented and emerging singer-songwriter from Nepal based in Bhaktapur, Kuma Sagar. The raw version of ‘Harey’ was released on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music on 29th December 2023. Whereas, it made its YouTube release only on 6th January 2024 (Saturday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel.

Kuma Sagar through his YouTube writes: “Let the soulful Melodie’s and meaningful lyrics take you on a journey of emotions”

The song is written, composed, and performed by the artist Kuma Sagar (कुमा सागर) himself. Likewise, the plute is played by Aman Mali and the djembe for the song is played by Roj Man Maharjan.

Song: Harey (हारे)
Composed, Sung, and Written by: Kuma Sagar (कुमा सागर)
Flute by: Aman Mali
Djimbee by: Roj Man Maharjan

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Harey by Kuma Sagar (कुमा सागर)

Harey Lyrics

“Kuma Sagar Lyrics”


Aauchau timi kuri rahey, harey
Chhaya sangai bhagi hidey, harey
Maaya chokho gari hidey, harey
Asha dherai gari hidey, harey

Aangalo ma malaai
Rahirahana maan cha ni
Timro nyasro lagcha ni
Daar pani laagcha ni

Ma nai rahena bhanne
Ek phera haasha na
Mero aatma le sadhai
Timro ek muskaan ko
Sahara mai bachne cha

Auchau timi kuri raahey, harey
Chaya sangai bhaagi hidey, harey
Maya chokho gari hidey, harey
Aasha dherai gari hidey, harey!


Kuma Sagar – Harey [Raw Version]:


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