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KHUSHI Lyrics in English by Oasis Thapa: The song Khushi or खुशी is a new release song from the young and talented Nepalese singer-songwriter artist, Oasis Thapa. The song along with its official music video produced by Noisy REC was released on 26th August 2023 (Saturday) through Oasis Thapa’s official YouTube channel. Khushi is written and performed by the artist Oasis Thapa himself. Whereas, it is produced by Nirvish.

Oasis Thapa through his YouTube writes: This song is very personal to me. I had written this when I literally had forgotten what it meant to be happy. Mailey khushi k ho, kasto huncha, vanera nai birsi sakeko thiye. Tyo feeling actually cha ki Maile mahasoos garna birseko vanne bela lekheko thiye. And I gotta tell you, I wrote in 5 minutes ani ek kisim le kasto relief feel vayo. That relief felt like a pill needed for such a long time. So, yeah. Dukhi thiye, khushi ko khoj ma thiye ani geet lekhdiye. Ani if some of you people are in a tough spot, don’t worry. You’ll learn to adapt and push through it.

Previously on 10th June 2023, Oasis Thapa released his song Bhikhaari (भिखारी) which was one of his major hits. And as of writing this in August of 2023, the song Bhikhaari has more than 14 million views on YouTube alone.

Song: Khushi (खुशी)
Written, Composed, Co-produced, and Performed by: Oasis Thapa
Produced by: Nirvish
Studio: Dot Wave Production

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Khushi (खुशी) by Oasis Thapa

Khushi Lyrics

“Oasis Thapa Lyrics”


Bagayera aasu garu k aaba ma
Puchi dinne kohi nabhaye
Bunera sapana garu k aaba ma
Sahas kasailey nadiye
Karyau, cichyau jati pani bhid ma
Sunney matra eklo bhaye

Mah timrai khoj ma chu
Harayau kahile farkinchau
Nirash hudaai chu
Timi auchau ki maru

Bachdaai chu samjhi dohoryay
Purana biteka tii paal haru
Pokhu jati khalbali akshyar
Yi pana rittidaina k garu
Galti garey k apradhi bhaye
Ki timi ruthera herdainau

Mah timrai khoj ma chu
Harayau kaile farkinchau
Birsisakey khushi timi
Feri mahasus garaideu
Timi aauchau ki maru!


Oasis Thapa – Khushi [Official Music Video]:


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