Jindabaad Band Biography — Formation, Split, Renuion, & New Music

Jindabaad Band Nepal Biography

Jindabaad is one of the most popular rock bands in Nepal. The band got together in 2009 when the underground music scene was at its peak. It consists of musicians from two different bands. Sunny Tuladhar, Rajan Shrestha, and Abhisek Bhadra were previously in a band called Atomic Bush. Similarly, Rohit Shakya and Kiran Shahi had worked together in a band called Space Cake Break.

The Formation of Jindabaad

The band was formed to participate in a global contest of bands called “The Global Battle of Bands.” Unfortunately, the band could not win the competition. They finished in the second position. The winner of the competition was the band E.quals, whose members are now part of the band Underside.

The competition helped the band gain more popularity in the local scene. Since the local audience already knew the members, the band could easily adjust to the scene.

Jindabaad first released a rehearsal version of a song called “Shades of You”. The song got very popular among the local audience. Then, in 2010, the band released the music video of the song “Rewind”. The video quickly became a hit, and Rewind became one of their most famous tracks.

Plastic Heart (2011)

The band put together an EP called ‘Plastic Heart’ in 2011. Songs like Shades of you, Rewind, and BFM were the band’s most popular songs from the EP. Jindabaad’s music had western influences, and most of their songs were written in English. The band continued playing shows and was becoming a big part of the Nepali Rock Music scene.

The Split-Up

Unfortunately, the band had to split up after being together only for a few years. After that, Rohit Shakya left for Thailand to pursue his education in music production. Later, keyboardist Abhisekh Bhadra also left for the Netherlands to pursue his degree in music.

Other members of the band continued playing music but in their separate ways. In 2012, the band had collaborated with a musician named Mayo Ortiz-Shimonishi as their Keyboard player while Abhisekh was away.


After almost six years, Jindabaad reunited and played its first show in November 2017 at Purple Haze rock bar. The fans were excited about the show. But, unfortunately, the band’s Keyboard player Abhisekh Bhadra could not be a part of the reunion. But soon after the first reunion gig, finally, the band reunited with all its original members at KAF Carnival 2017.

The band has been consistent since then, playing shows and releasing music. They released their new single Hatkela in 2019. The band says that they are working on a new album and will release new music very soon.


Jindabaad released their second EP ‘Ulto Chalachitra’ in 2021. It consists of four tracks—Jindabaad Part 1, Hatkela, Again, and Jindabaad Part 2. The EP is packed with amazing music. After almost a decade, Jindabaad is back with a bang. They have put together an EP with new-found inspiration.

Besides Jindabaad, all its members are involved in their separate projects and work. For instance, Guitarist Sunny Tuladhar makes custom guitars. Rohit Shakya is involved in music production and filmmaking with his company Fuzz Factory. Rajan Shrestha has his music project—PhatCowlee. He is also working with Rohit in Fuzzscape. Kiran Shahi teaches music in different schools and is also collaborating with other musicians. Abhisekh works as an Academic Director at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. He is also involved in various jazz projects.

Jindabaad is the result of talented musicians and their passion for music. The fans had been waiting a long time for the reunion, and now they cannot wait to hear more awesome stuff from the band.

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