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Jindabaad Pt.2 Lyrics by Jindabaad band: ‘Jindabaad Pt.2’ is a recent release from the Kathmandu based Post Alt-Post Rock band Jindabaad, initially formed in 2009. The song is from Jindabaad‘s new EP named ‘Ulto Chalchitra’. However, the official audio and music video was also released on 15th July 2021 through the band official YouTube channel, the full EP ‘Ulto Chalchitra‘ can be purchased here from Noodle Rex. Lyrics for the song is composed by Bibhusan Basnet and Rajan Shrestha. Produced, mixed and mastered by Rohit Shakya, assisted by Suramya Sthapit and recorded at Fuzz Studios. The band Jindabaad comprises Rohit Shakya on vocals and guitars, Sunny Tuladhar on guitars, Rajan Shrestha on bass, Abhisek Bhadra on keyboard and Kiran Shahi on drums.

All Music by: Jindabaad
Lyrics by: Bibhusan Basnet and Rajan Shrestha
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Rohit Shakya
Asst.Recordist: Suramya Sthapit
Recorded at: Fuzz Studios
EP: Ulto Chalchitra

JINDABAAD PT.2 Lyrics by Jindabaad band
Source: YouTube / Jindabaad

Jindabaad Lyrics

“Jindabaad Pt.2 Lyrics”

Aafai futna lai,
Aajhai uthna lai,
Mailina, ajhai failina

Ma sunyalai geet ganchu,
Ma nawa suruwaata huu
Ma bagi bidrohi chuu,
Ma aadi apawaad huu

(Jindabaad Jindabaad Jindabaad ma aarchu) x2

Aafai failina, ajhai mailina
Raata bitnalai
Usha hunalai
Mah mithyalai geet ganchu
Mah nawa suruwaata huu
Mah naango nirdosh chu
Mah aadi apawaad huu

(Jindabaad Jindabaad Jindabaad ma aarchu) x2

Maa sunyalai geet ganchu,
Maa nawa suruwaata huu
Maa bagi bidrohi chuu,
Maa aadi apawaad huu

(Jindabaad Jindabaad Jindabaad ma aarchu) x2

Official Music Video:

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