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KHUSI CHHU (TIMI BHAYERA) Lyrics in English by Shailu Rai: The song titled Khusi Chhu or Timi Bhayera is a fresh new release song from the young and talented Nepalese singer-songwriter artist based in Pokhara, Shailu Rai‘s new EP titled “Nametiney Chitra“. Khusi Chhu (Timi Bhayera) is composed, written, and performed by the artist Shailu Rai himself. Likewise, the song is produced by Diwas Gurung.

Nametiney Chitra is the debut EP from the artist Rai, which was released on 24th November 2023 (Friday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel. The EP Nametiney Chitra by Shailu Rai consists of 4 (four) songs in total and they are Sakdainau, Nametiney Chitra, Alikati, and Khusi Chhu (Timi Bhayera).

Song: Khusi Chhu (Timi Bhayera) by Shailu Rai
EP: Nametiney Chitra
Written and Performed by: Shailu Rai
Produced by: Diwas Gurung

ALIKATI - SAKDAINAU - NAMETINEY CHITRA - KHUSI CHHU - TIMI BHAYERA - Lyrics in English - Shailu Rai - Shailendra Rai - New Nepali Song Lyrics - Aman Karna - Diwas Gurung - New EP - Nametiney Chitra EP - Pokhara
Nametiney Chitra EP by Shailu Rai

Khusi Chhu (Timi Bhayera) Lyrics

“Shailu Rai Lyrics”


K bhannu ma
Aaja dherai pachi, khushi chhu
K hola bholi? Tahahai chaina
Tara aaja mah khushi chhu

Jyudai chhu, aaja ma sabai bhulera, sabai bhulera
Badhdai cha khushi yo timi bhayera, timi bhayera

Chindai chu bistarai aafai lai mah, timi lai mah
Badhdai cha khushi yo timi bhayera, timi bhayera

Nahola ma sangai kunai dinn
Geeta yo sunera ekaichin
Pugaula yo samaya ra yei dinn
Geeta yo sunera ekaichin!


Shailu Rai – Khusi Chhu – Timi Bhayera [Official Audio]:


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