MANN CHARI Lyrics in English – Sushant Ghimire

MANN CHARI (मन चरी) Lyrics in English by Sushant Ghimire: The song Mann Chari is a news release song from the young and talented Nepalese singer-songwriter artist, Sushant Ghimire. Mann Chari along with its official music video directed by ROB Rawfilms and casting Nabin Chandra Aryal was released on 18th September 2023 (Monday) through the artists official YouTube channel.

Sushant Ghimire through his YouTube writes: Mann chari is a sweet reminder for us all to escape the chaos we live within us. we often involve in the search of purpose of life, often develop philosophies where myths and truths are followed with a mess. I believe peace is a personal journey that values our inner instinct and priorities of life. So lets take a flight of freedom where the answer is in present. I want to thank all sweet souls I connected living through Mann Chari. Love has bound us to create this beautiful piece of art into all our lives. Now we dedicate this for you all to celebrate it together. From the inspiration of the movie “Into The Wild”. #manncharikomannpari

Song: Mann Chari (मन चरी)
Written, Composed & Performed by: Sushant Ghimire
Audio Produced and Mastered by: Esther Rijan
Audio Mastered by: Saswot Shrestha (Omniphonics Studio)
Managed by: Garage Entertainment Nepal

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Mann Chari (मन चरी) by Sushant Ghimire

Mann Chari Lyrics

“Sushant Ghimire Lyrics”


Kuu huu kuu huu gardai malai sunaune chari
Timi sangai udhi janne mann lagcha ghari ghari
Bahana khojdai hideko mah ghumdai wari pari
Tito tito sansaarai dekhi tadha daada pari
Mero aafnai manna pari, malai laijau na chari
Malai laijau na chari, mero aafnai maana pari
Malai laijau na chari, timro daadha tadha pari
Mero aafnai manna pari, mero aafnai manna pari

Sabdai ma lekhne ho ki
Timi lai bhawanai pokhne ho ki
Heraai le dekhney ho ki
Timi lai pachyaudai bhetne ho ki
Kaile hawa ko tyo bega sangai ho
Mann pani khulla aakasha jhai bho
Kahiley badala lori sunaune
Siririri taari janne taalai ho
Eh okhati rahecha timra raanga thari thari
Dukha pida sabai birsaune jaadu chari chari

Mero afnai mann pari, malai laijau na chari
Malai laijau na chari, mero aafnai maan pari
Malai laijau na chari, timro daadha tadha pari
Mero aafnai mann pari, mero aafnai mann pari

Rahechan hajaraau almal rita
Bhanchan manna le bhanekai thika
Ko thika yaha ta paal paal aatita

(Sansarai bhulera timi sangai sangai udhera!) x6


Sushant Ghimire – Mann Chari [Official Music Video]:


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