‘Maya’ By Ashutosh KC — The Song That Won The Hearts Of Many

MAYA chords & lyrics by Ashutosh KC

Some songs have a big impact on your life. You listen to them, and you start to feel differently. You resonate with the lyrics and want to listen to them over and over.

Maya by Ashutosh KC is one of those songs. It is a song that came from nowhere and won the hearts of many. Ashutosh KC was not known to the Nepali audience before he released his hit single. But now, there is hardly anyone that does not know him and his song.

Previously, he had released a song called Counting Stars (Tara Ganera), which, unfortunately, could not gain much popularity.


After Counting Stars, Ashutosh released his second song Maya, and it blew up the internet.

Maya was released on 22nd April 2021 from Ashutosh’s official YouTube channel. The song is written, composed, and performed by himself, and produced by Foeseal.

It is a simple song with no fancy instruments and tracks. Furthermore, Ashutosh’s unique vocal tone is very soothing to listen to for the audience.

Maya is a song about love (well, obviously). The most popular and heart-warming part of the song is its chorus:

Eklai basera muskuraunu ho maya
Timlai herera ramaunu ho maya
Baralinne maan ta ho…

Yaada le jeewan
Sajhaunu ho maya

In his YouTube comments, Ashutosh has explained the meaning behind the words, “Yaada le jeewan sajhaunu ho maya.” He says,

Yaada le jiwan sajaunu ho maya(actual meaning) – Sangai pal haru bitaayera, yaad haru banayera jiwan sajaune ho?
Would you wanna spend the rest of your life, living moments and making memories with me?
Its a proposal statement but you can relate it in your own way, thats how i wrote it, just wanted to let you guys know

The Popularity of Maya by Ashutosh KC

Besides the 9 million+ views (so far) in his YouTube video of Maya, you can see how popular the song is by going through the video’s comments.

People have expressed their love for the song saying that it resonates with their lives—remembering their loved ones, heartbreaks, and just appreciating the beauty of love and life.

Below is a snapshot from his YouTube comments of the song.

Maya by Ashutosh KC Youtube Comments

Maya by Ashutosh KC Youtube Comments

These are just a few among the thousands of wonderful comments the song has received. It shows how much the song has impacted people’s lives.

Quite often, artists create dozens of songs, and only a few make it big. We have seen it happen with many artists. But in Ashutosh’s case, maybe it’s luck, talent, timing, or just the beauty of the song. He was able to make it big with this one song. And the most amazing part is that this is only his second song.

Ashutosh’s talent is definitely worth all the love and appreciation he has received. The fans are eagerly waiting to hear some new stuff from him. But, Maya will forever remain in our hearts. It is a song worth listening to over and over.

Maya Lyrics by Ashutosh KC


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