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COUNTING STARS Lyrics by Ashutosh KC: The song “Counting Stars” or “Tara Ganera” is a song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter, Ashutosh KC. Initially, the raw version of the song was released on 10th August 2023. Whereas, the official acoustic version was released on 11th June 2023 (Sunday) through Ashutosh KCs official YouTube channel. The song is composed, performed, and written by the artist Ashutosh KC himself. Likewise, it is mixed and mastered by Saswot Shrestha at Omniphonics Studio.

Song: Counting Stars (Tara Ganera) – तारा गनेर
Written, Composed & Performed by Ashutosh KC
Mixed, Mastered by: Saswot Shrestha (Omniphonics Studio)

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Counting Stars (Tara Ganera) by Ashutosh KC (आशुतोष केसी)

Counting Stars Lyrics

“Ashutosh KC Lyrics”


Love comes and goes like a winter rain
I hope she knows that I feel the same
I’d keep you close like yesterday
Guess he loved you like I did but in a better way

Love hurts most and I’ve felt the pain
And time heals those but I still feel the same
Love is in the air so as they say
Guess love was in the air but I smoked it away
And I was a fool, I was searching in the dark
But you were there always lighting up my heart
You gave me love but all I gave you was scars
The fault was mine but baby the love was ours

(She was the moon but I was counting stars
I’ll see you wherever you are) x2

When I close my eyes you’re the one I see
And how time flies when you’re next to me
The person I’m with you is the best I’ll ever be
I hate goodbyes, your’s especially

When you looked me in the eyes I saw a part of me
That’s when I realized that you’re the one for me
All that you are is what’s left in me
A part that stayed and I hope it never leaves
Our love burnt out but I was the one in flames
The fallen ashes of my heart still writes your name
Never knew but heard somewhere that loves a game
I guess we lost but I was the one to blame

She was the moon but I was counting stars
I’ll see you wherever you are
She was the moon but I was counting stars
I’ll see you wherever you are

Bhanna ta bhandinthey ma hera
Lyaidinthey ma tara todhera
Maya meri chandrama maathi
Tara basirahey ma tara ganera
Parkhi rahey ma raata bhari
Bihani samma ta aauchau bhanera!


Ashutosh KC – Counting Stars (Tara Ganera) [Official Lyrics Video]:


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