NEPHOP DRIP Lyrics in English – SACAR aka Lil Buddha X Jxxded

NEPHOP DRIP Lyrics in English – SACAR aka Lil Buddha X Jxxded: The song “Nephop Drip” is a fresh release song from SACAR aka Lil Buddha‘s new album titled Ecstasy In The Palace‘s deluxe version. Nephop Drip is mastered by Jxxded. Whereas, it is produced by psykid. The song was officially released on 13th August 2022 (Friday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel. Plus, it is also confirmed that the official music video will be dropping soon on 14th August 2022. And the song Nephop Drip will also be available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Previously, on 27th June 2022 SACAR aka Lil Buddha dropped his song titled “No Peace In Love“. And as of writing this in August 2022, the song has 4.6million plus views on YouTube alone. Whereas, 171k plus streams on Spotify.

Song: Nephop Drip
Album: Ecstasy In The Palace
Performed by: SACAR aka Lil Buddha
Mastered by: Jxxded
Produced by: psykid

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NEPHOP DRIP by SACAR aka Lil Buddha X Jxxded

SACAR aka Lil Buddha Lyrics

“Nephop Drip Lyrics”


Malai maan parcha G-Bob, Jxxded, CJ, Ninja
Lil Noto, Starboi, psykid, VTEN, ST, Cromblah
Aru sab paatey
Bhidna aaija palace ma, Ecstasy In The Palace

Shoutout ANTF, Hakim dai, DJ Soda, DJ Khatra
Khatra lifestyle, Aago Records, Young Billionaires, KTM Gang, Nephop
Paakh hai, NYC, wild wild wild+
Young lion

(Finally bhet bhayo keta ko
Herr naa herr uh telle dekhako
Herr naa her paara her bheda ko
Bhai maal dherai bho kya ho?
Dekhdina khoi kina selako
Nephop lai chamkaune bela bho
Chaure ko bhar chaina thela ko
Scene mu*i Uniq ko geda bho, Kaalo) x2

Hami aako laauna mukh ma taloo
Aba herne tero palo
Bob lai rehab halna saro
Yestai ta honi bro baal ho, ahh
Yestai ta hoo ni bro khatra manche ho
Scene lai agi sareko, ahh
Ta kata gais khoi hareko?
Bob sanga neu nakhoj khatey
Sik paila saley tero jeet nai jharey bho
Na jharey bho

Kta haru dinbhari trap ma
Keti haru phone garya garyai
Ninja le lyayo feri psilocybin in a tab
Kta keti trip garya garyai
PB lai bhan paisa sakyo goz
Chaiyo feri arko daas lakh
Belka feri, belka feri palace ma party cha
But this ain’t ah, Ecstasy

Kta haru dinvari trap ma
Keti haru phone garya garyai
Ninja comes with some psilocybin
Kta kti trip garya garyaii
Nimsang lai van paisa sakyo Bob
Chaiyo feri arko das lakh
Beluka feri, belka feri palace ma party cha
But this ain’t a party palace

Go low, I robbed the whole store fu*k them po po
Down for da clash
Hit on a bit*h she loco, she want a photo
(No no) I waan da cash
Eyes so red now that’s my mojo
Yeah i spread her bu*t like a coco
Met her at clubs she butter me up
She say I’m a G like polo
Doing my thing
Light up my zoot I’m blowing out rings
I pray to god forgive all my sins
Shot boy in the temple he couldn’t flinch
Mans shot back but he missed by an inch
Hit up my trap get shot in your brain
Gang stay strapped from toe to the brim
When it comes to the raps bow down to the king, kta hoo

YB Records bitch*s, Young Billionaires
Ecstasy In The Palace
Aago Records, OMG, Oh My God, Trap Nepal!


SACAR aka Lil Buddha X Jxxded – NEPHOP DRIP (Official Video):


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