ROLLIE Lyrics in English – 5:55 (Chirag Khadka)

ROLLIE Lyrics in English by 5:55 (Chirag Khadka): The song titled “Rollie”  is a fresh new release song from the talented Nepalese singer-songwriter and Nephop rap artist, 5:55 aka Chirag Khadka. The song along with its official music video by Abboye was released on 8th March 2024 (Friday) through the artist’s official YouTube channel. The song “Rollie” is also from the artist’s album titled “The Change“.

Song: Rollie by 5:55
Album: The Change
Written and Sung by: 5:55 aka Chirag Khadka
Produced by: Abhiyan Thapa (Abboye)

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Rollie by 5:55 (Chirag Khadka)

Rollie Lyrics

“5:55 (Chirag Khadka) Lyrics”


“The changing of the concept of how to live this world in a different dimension, or in a different purpose. That’s the change and the meaning of 555”

(Haat ma cha rollie, ghhati ma sunn
Aaja ki bholi, din pani thachaina kun
Tanera poly we flying, chunu cha moon
Topendra toli dhuwa nai dhuwa bho room) x2

Yeah, ajhai yaha garna cha baki
Vision ni sabai cha clear
Yo game ko hami nai khatra
Ho hami nai daami player
Bigreko industry laai
Garnu cha dherai repair
Mehenat nai jari cha paisa kamauna
Ya feri lagdaina berr

Umm, chaina kura kani
You better pay the price
I was born to win
You better roll the dice
Jahile ni number one
Hudai cha legalize
Aafnai taal ma kaam huncha
We don’t need no advice

All I see is fake ones
All I hear is lies
We the fu*king real ones
Always rich and ice
Hamrai aafnai khoj ma
We’ve been reaching heights
Tripping skies at least we tried
Topendra gang that why we sticking tight

We flying in the space
Changing all the trains
I’m the f*cking change
You the f*cking change
We the f*cking change
555 the f*cking change

(Haat ma chha rollie, ghhati ma sunn
Aja ki bholi, dinn pani thahachaina kun
Tanera poly we flying, chunu chha moon
Topendra toli dhuwa nai dhuwa bho room!) x2


5:55 (Chirag Khadka) – Rollie [Official Music Video]:


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