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SPARSHA Lyrics in English by Mr.Hyozu: The song “Sparsha” (स्पर्श) is a fresh new release song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter, gamer, and streamer Mr.Hyozu, who also goes by his real name Safal Hyozu. Sparsha is the second original song from the artist Mr.Hyozu. The song along with its official music video was released on 22nd July 2023 (Saturday) through Mr.Hyozu’s official YouTube channel. Likewise, the song is also available to stream or download through all major streaming platforms. Sparsha is written and performed by the artist Safal Hyozu aka Mr.Hyozu himself. Whereas, the music for the song is produced by B2 Sanjal Bhandari.

Mr.Hyozu through his YouTube writes: In this song, ‘Sparsha’ defines love as the untold words, the unshared feelings. But you are still in her world where the words stay with you, with the feelings waiting for the right time. And When you finally let it out, you are lost in her Sparsha.

Song: Sparsha (स्पर्श)
Lyrics Written and Performed by: Mr.Hyozu
Music Produced by: B2 Sanjal Bhandari (Gain Studio)

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Sparsha (स्पर्श) by Mr.Hyozu

Sparsha Lyrics

“Mr.Hyozu Lyrics”


Haraai sakey chu mah timro sansaarai ma
Tolai rahanchu timro barey ma sochda
Khai k k garera yo mutu chorera
Lagi gayau maana ko yo dhadkan mero
Mutu lai thamera basi raheyeko chu hera
Timi lai aaba yaha parkherai mah
Bhanu ta kasari bhanu yo maya ka kura
Timi huda daraucha yo maana mero bhannu

Mayalu aba kasari bhannu
Yo maana mero timi lai sumpiyechu
Aaba rakhidinu na yo maana mero
Sadhai bhari ko lagi timrai cheu

(Timro sparsha ma, mah haraye
Timro aangalo ma, mah samaye) x2

Mayalu aaba ta bhanidinu
Yo maana mero sarai aati rahancha
Timro herai le hoki, timro boli le
Yo maana mero timlai khojirahancha
Maayalu kasari bhannu
Yo maana mero timi lai sumpiyechu
Aaba rakhidinu yo maana mero
Sadhai bhari ko lagi timro cheu!


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