YESARI NAI Lyrics in English – Susant Bista

YESARI NAI Lyrics in English – Susant Bista: The song “Yesari Nai” is the second single by Susant Bista from his upcoming debut album. Susant Bista is a singer-songwriter artist from Kathmandu, Nepal, presently residing in Brussels, Belgium. Plus he is also working as the frontman of the band, Wayam.

Yesari Nai was released officially on 12th March 2021 through Susant Bista’s official YouTube channel. The song is performed, composed, and written the artist Susant Bista¬†himself. Whereas, it is mixed, mastered, and produced by Diwas Gurung. And the official music video which casts the duo of Cristi Magar and Bijay Prajapati is directed by Shashank Thapa. As of writing this in July of 2022, the song Yesari Nai has 30k plus views on YouTube alone. The song is also available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple iTunes.

Song: Yesari Nai
Composed, Written, and Performed by: Susant Bista
Mixed, Mastered and music produced by: Diwas Gurung

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Yesari Nai by Susant Bista

Susant Bista Lyrics

“Yesari Nai Lyrics”


Yesari nai tadha jeevan janey ho ki,
Esari nai tadha jivaan janey ho ki?
Mero lagi kebal, phool ko guchha rahane hoki,
Mero chitta kebal, timro chitra ma bujhne hoki?

Mero yo maan ma, kebal timro dhadkan dhuna,
Mero ankha ma, kebal timro nasha cha

Yesarinai taadha jeevan janey ho ki

Mero chhaya ma kebal, timro sheetal baash cha
Mero saabda ma, kebal timro artha cha

Chhaya raata ma hola na hola,
Pratigya saathma, aba maana narola
Haat ko rekhama maato potumla,
Naaya bato korera, juni feramla!


Susant Bista – Yesari Nai (Official Music Video)


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