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MA TIMRO Lyrics in English by Susant Bista: The song “Ma Timro” is the first single by Susant Bista from his upcoming debut album. Susant Bista is a singer-songwriter artist from Kathmandu, Nepal, presently residing in Brussels, Belgium. Plus he is also working as the frontman of the band, Wayam. Ma Timro was released officially on 12th September 2022 through Susant Bista’s official YouTube channel. The song is written and performed by Bista himself. Whereas, it is mixed, mastered, and produced by Diwas Gurung. And the official music video which casts the duo of Sami Malla and Sandesh Rai is directed and edited by Ramuna Pun.

As of writing this in July of 2022, the song has 28k plus views on YouTube alone. Whereas, it has about 5k streams on Spotify.

Song: Ma Timro (म तिम्रो)
Composed, Written, and Performed by: Susant Bista
Mixed, Mastered and music produced by: Diwas Gurung

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Ma Timro (म तिम्रो) by Susant Bista

Susant Bista Lyrics

“Ma Timro Lyrics”


Ma timro, timi mero maan ko ghara
Aashu aangalne hashako sahara
Ko mitho naama, aaha
Ho timro naama

Farki jyune chu paltaai paana
Baadha harek aakshyar ma thiye lukeka kaatha
Aakha le nasakne dekhne tyo mutu le dekhda
Chaal paye maunta aantya thyo, mauka thiyena

Ma timro, timi mero shir ko sirana
Aadhi aagalne, sita ma sahara

Aaljhi bunne chu udhreyeka paana
Fikka lai rangaai gaadha, maan ko sabda lekhda
Ekai pana ma dui chinna, aantata mela
Chaal paye maya khel jaha dubai ko jita!


Susant Bista – Ma Timro (Official Music Video)


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