BAGIRAHANE KHOLA Lyrics in English – Ulto Pulto

BAGIRAHANE KHOLA Lyrics in English by Ulto Pulto: ‘Bagirahane Khola’ is a newe release from the Nepalese band Ulto Pulto. Ulto Pulto, a Nepali band from Biratnagar are very popular for their hits like Bachunjel Samma, Sun Boksi, Samjhana Ko Lahara, and many more. For few years they were not active in the scene and weren’t making music but earlier on 30th July 2021, they officially released their new track named Purana Kura. As of writing this the official music video of ‘Purana Kura‘ has 75k+ views on YouTube alone. Bagirahane Khola was released on 1st March 2024 (Friday) through the band’s official YouTube channel.

Ulto Pulto is a band from Biratnagar consisting of three cousins with a similar passion for music and the same drive to create melodies that have inspired and drawn them towards the world of music. They have created tunes transcending various genres from folk-rock to electro-acoustic with songs like Samjhana Ko Lahara and Aasha Cha giving them although small but a supportive nationwide fanbase. Ulto Pulto has been planning to release a series of new songs this year with Purana Kura being the first one.

BAGHIRAHANE KHOLA Lyrics in English – Ulto Pulto
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Ulto Pulto Lyrics

“Bagirahane Khola Lyrics”


Sishir ma nyano banera
Garmi ma paani liyera
Aayau timi mero mero
Jiban le liyo arko fero

Bihana chito uthna thale ko chu
Gym pani sadhai jaso jaanchu
Timro lagi bhanera hola
Tiimro maya bagirahane khola
Timro maya bagirahane khola

Malai katai janu nai chaina
Timi sanga basi rahane paye
Banauchau hami arkai duniya
Timi sanga hasi rahana paye
Malai timi rishako maan parcha
Tara rimi lai rishauna dinna
Kaile kai bhaihalcha gaalti
(Tara timi bujhne paryo kanchi) x3

(Timro maya bagirahane khola) x5
Hamro maya kaile samma hola
Bhanera malai pir lagdaina
(Bageko khola rokdaaina
Timro maya bagirahane khola) x2
Timro maya bagirahane khola!



Ulto Pulto – Bagirahane Khola [Official Audio]:


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