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DRISHYA Lyrics in English by Phosphenes: The song Drishya (दृश्य) is a new release track from the Nepalese band Phosphenes’ new EP titled “Simit Yaad“. The EP was released in April 2023 exclusively through the band’s official website. Likewise, as of now, the EP isn’t available to stream or download elsewhere. Simit Yaad EP by Phosphenes band consists of 5 songs in total and the list of songs from the EP are Simit Yaad, Najar, Ma, Drishya, and Antya.

Phosphenes through their website writes: The fourth track, “Drishya,” explores the feeling of being stuck in one mental state and the struggle to break free from it. With its hypnotic beat and introspective lyrics, the song perfectly captures the feeling of anxiety and the need to accept reality.

Song: Drishya (दृश्य)
EP: Simit Yaad
Composed, Written & Performed by: Phosphenes
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Diwas Gurung

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Simit Yaad EP by Phosphenes (फोस्फिन्स)

Drishya Lyrics

“Phosphenes Lyrics”


Aataliyera baaschau timi kina
Aafu ma nai dubi hidchau aafno sansara
Jhan thula sapana timra yo sano sahar ma
Kasaile nadekhne gari lukauchau ti chahana

Drishya ta jhaile pani uhi
Sajilai dekhincha yaha
Haawa sanga timi udhi
Niyala yo sansara

Aataliyera baschau timi kina
Drishya ta jhailey pani uhi
Sajilai dekhincha yaaha
Hawa sanga timi udhi
Niyala yo sansara!


Phosphenes – Drishya (Official Audio):


The official audio of the song Drishya (दृश्य)  from the EP “Simit Yaad” by Phosphenes Band releasing on YouTube and on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music very soon, stay tuned.

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