Let The Universe Find You Lyrics: ‘Let The Universe Find You’ is a song from Phosphenes‘ EP Know This Time which was recorded independently in 2018. Know This Time EP consists of four songs in total with each of different moods. Phosphenes is an Indie band, based in Kathmandu, Nepal and have been making music since 2016. The music Phosphenes creates has been echoing around the valley and also are creating buzz in the town by adding their flavor in the underground music scene in Nepal. Phosphenes believes connecting through simplicity to their listeners.

Phosphenes - Know This Time Album 2018
Know This Time Album 2018

Phosphenes Lyrics

“Let The Universe Find You Lyrics”

I know somethings aren’t true
Someday you may feel blue
So look for a reason to smile
Face your fears and laugh
(Let the universe find you) x4

(Someday when you sit by the window
Wondering if you could go back to make it right) x2

Chin up, look around and feel
Chin up, let the universe find you
(Let the universe find you) x3
(So look for a reason to smile)
Let the universe find you
(And face your fears and laugh)
(Let the universe find you) x6

Phosphenes – Let The Universe Find You (Official Audio)

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