FARKANNA HOLA Lyrics in English – John Chamling Rai

FARKANNA HOLA Lyrics in English by John Chamling Rai: The song “Farkanna Hola” is a fresh new release song from the talented and young Nepalese singer-songwriter artist, John Chamling Rai. The song along with its official music video by Aakash Pradhan was released on 13th October 2023 (Friday) through John Chamling Rai‘s official YouTube channel, JohnChamlingTV. The song is written and performed by the artist John Chamling Rai himself. Whereas, it is produced by another talented Nepalese artist, Tunna Bell Thapa.

John Chamling Rai through his YouTube writes: Life has been so challenging these days. Having to lose the one you don’t want to, not able to meet your family, friends whenever you want to. You never know what is waiting for you next. You never know where life is taking you next. It’s exhausting when you can’t even explain what is going on with you though you really want to. Thus, Farkanna Hola basically portrays my farewell memories. I believe everybody’s got one.

Song: Farkanna Hola
Written and Performed by: John Chamling Rai
Electric Guitar, Keys, Bass, Drums and Mixed by: Tunna Bell Thapa
Acoustic Guitars by: Bishal Chhetri
Sarangi by: Manish Gandharva
Executive Producer: Pukar Bhattachan

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Farkanna Hola by John Chamling Rai

Farkanna Hola Lyrics

“John Chamling Rai Lyrics”


Jindagi bekamfuse nai rahecha
Kaile kaa, ta kaile kaa
Kaile afno manchey sadhai ko lagi tadha bhaidine
Ta kahile tadha ko manchey pani sadhai ko lagi afno bhaidine

Farkanna hola aba ma
Gayepachi utai tira
Samjhanchu la dherai nai
Kahiley kai samjhi dida

Jindagi bekamfuse
Kahile ka kahile ka
Chutnu cha taha nai thyo
Maanai ta ho ni
Janerai ki? Najanerai najeek bhai diyau
Nachineko, nadekheko manchey ni
Aafnai jhai lagyo
Tadha taadha lancha ki
Samaya le kaa tanera
Sabda haru ma sumpanchu
Aatdai aatena bhawana, bhawana

Janerai ki? Najanerai najik bhai diyau
Nachineko, nadekheko manchey ni
Aafnai jhai lagyo
Farkanna hola aaba mah
Gaye pachi utai tira
Samjhanchu lah dherai nai
Kahile kai samjhi dida!


John Chamling Rai – Farkanna Hola [Official Lyrical Video]:


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