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Island Lyrics by Jerusha Rai: ‘Island’ is a song from Jerusha Rai‘s EP Sunsaan. The EP was released in 2019 and contains nine song in total. Island is written and produced by Jerusha Rai herself.

Written and produced by: Jerusha Rai
EP: Sunsaan

Sunsaan Album Cover by Jerusha Rai 2019
Jerusha Rai – Sunsaan Album Cover 2019

Jerusha Rai Lyrics

“Island Lyrics”

First came the rain
It washed my sins away
Then came the breeze
It had me begging please
Then came the earth
He said the devil’s got my soul
Now come the fire
That will swallow me whole

I walked off the land
Walked right off the shore
I swam to an island
Where I built my home

And when she passed by
She sensed that something was wrong
She thought I had an inkling
Of what path we should be on
And though I might claim
That I came a long way
Through heaven and through hell
Please and thanks I did say

Jerusha Rai – Island (Official Audio)

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