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Shakti Lyrics by Jerusha Rai: ‘Shakti’ is a song from Jerusha Rai‘s EP Sunsaan. The EP was released in 2019 and it contains nine song.  The song ‘Shakti’ is written / sung by Jerusha Rai and produced by Shuvum.

Written and sung by: Jerusha Rai
Produced by: Shuvum
EP: Sunsaan

Sunsaan Album Cover by Jerusha Rai 2019
Jerusha Rai – Sunsaan Album Cover 2019

Jerusha Rai Lyrics

“Shakti Lyrics”

O god of destruction
Go easy on me
I’ve built you a castle
Of sand by the sea
Hallelujah, oh Jesus he wept
And Magdalena watched over while he slept
So heavy did he dream
He built another world for you and me

Now why must I split myself in two
Why must I split myself for you

I’ve fallen, I’ve fallen
And now I hang by
A thread that you made of
A cloud in the sky

Jerusha Rai – Shakti (Official Audio)

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