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Blest Lyrics by Jerusha Rai: ‘Blest’ is a song from Jerusha Rai‘s EP Sunsaan. The EP was released in 2019 and it is composed of nine song in total. Blest is written and produced by the artist Jerusha Rai herself.

Written and produced by: Jerusha Rai
EP: Sunsaan

Sunsaan Album Cover by Jerusha Rai 2019
Jerusha Rai – Sunsaan Album Cover 2019

Jerusha Rai Lyrics

“Blest Lyrics”

My nimble knuckles
My savage raging dream
Stuffed in tidy boxes
Color coded scheme
Nod you head
Smile, smile sweetly

I who stand on the crest
Who bore the wind on my chest
As the four directions turn into
Twelve, sixteen
But my skin is blest
Its my bullet proof vest
Made of everything I ever seen
Nod your head
Smile, smile sweetly

Jerusha Rai – Blest (Official Audio)

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