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Mary Magdalene Lyrics: ‘Mary Magdalene’ is a song from Jerusha Rai‘s EP Sunsaan. The EP was released in 2019 and contains nine song. Mary Magdalene is written and performed by Jerusha Rai. It was produced by Pratishtha Gurung. Jerusha Rai was born and raised in Kathmandu. She has been living in London for a few years now. And currently, she is based in Texas, Austin and the USA. Living abroad has had a significant effect on Jerusha Rai‘s song writing.

Written and performed by: Jerusha Rai
Produced by: Pratishtha Gurung
EP: Sunsaan

Sunsaan Album Cover by Jerusha Rai 2019
Jerusha Rai – Sunsaan Album Cover 2019

Jerusha Rai Lyrics

“Mary Magdalene Lyrics”

Mary, Mary Magdalene
You’ve got three eyes
And your grandma’s skin
You know the wars that she was on
Mary Magdalene

Mary, Mary Magdalene
Everything’s a fever dream
To be lost is no sin
(Mary Magdalene) x2

Mary, Mary Magdalene
Now you say you’re hearing things
First to see your lover’s wings
Mary Magdalene

Jerusha Rai – Mary Magdalene (Official Audio)

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